Mandatory requirement of UK SIM card for international account holders


A heads up to potential international clients (i.e. not living in the UK). If considering establishing a business bank account with Tide UK,

To access your account, it’s mandatory to have a UK SIM card inserted in your iPhone.

I live in Australia, consequently, I normally have an Australian SIM card inserted in my iPhone. If the bank is truly offering an international service, I should be able to access the account without the need to remove my Australian SIM card from my iPhone and Insert a UK SIM before proceeding further.

Additionally, although Tide claim you can conduct transactions on your computer, to do that you are required to open the TIDE app on your iPhone and click on the button to connect to the computer. In doing that a QR code is displayed on your computer screen. You are then required to point your iPhone at QR code on the computer screen which then gives you access to your account. Very clever technology however you must follow that process each time you wish to access your account from your computer.

If it’s a security issue, I’m more like to loose my iPhone than my desktop computer – so my feedback to you is that once I have connected my desktop via the App on my iPhone from there on in I should be able to access my account direct from the desktop rather than going through the procedure I have described above- or if that’s technically not possible at least access via my iPhone with my Australian SIM card inserted.


Hello! Currently , Tide is created for the UK, which is why it is our main requirement to have a UK phone number in order to create an account with us.

Thank you for your feedback, we will definitely consider it for ur future development.