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Tide creates and uses rules to auto-categorise your card payments and bank transfers, simplifying the process of classifying transactions. For example, if you pay for a trip on the London Underground or book a flight using your Tide card, the transaction will be categorised as “Travel”. Similarly, after categorising a bank payment, Tide will automatically apply the same categorisation to them in future. These rules can be disabled or edited as required.

To access your auto-categorisation rules, go to the more section (located at the bottom of the navigation bar). Select Categories under the Services heading to arrive at the Categories menu. Tap the Rules button on the top right hand corner to access the categorisation rules menu.

Changing your auto-categorisation rules

You can change the rules applied to card and bank payments (senders and recipients) from the Rules screen. Choose one of the transaction types to find a full list of all recipients or senders for these types of transactions.

In the example below, we will change the rules for Card payments out

To change the default category shown for a particular card recipient, click on the category box to the right of their reference.

A menu with saved categories 9 to choose from will appear. Select the desired category for this recipient or click Add to enter a new category.

If you want to turn auto-categorisation off for an individual recipient or sender, swipe left on their name. A red Don’t categorise box will appear indicating this has been performed.

To turn off auto-categorisation for all recipients or senders for the transaction type you are viewing, untick the Categorise all payments automatically at the top of the screen.

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