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I have been unable to make any payments for the last 3 days… we have been incurred fees from suppliers due to this and three days on and no one has come back to me on the support chat.
Thus is becoming detrimental to our business. We can’t carry this on and we will have to move our money out… if we ever get to make payments that is!!!

Good evening @Pedrams

I can see that the team have reached out to resolve this matter with you. We’re sorry to keep you waiting and we don’t mean to be disruptive, but there are regulatory requirements that we do have to adhere to.

If you need any kind of assistance, feel free to write us through the Support tab in the app, we’ll get back to you as soon as we’re able!


Hi Obi,
Thanks for coming back to me… its been nearly a week since i requested for help on the support and still nothing.
I understand that you have regulatory requirements, and we are in the same position. We are in breach of contract for not being able to make payments and our regulatory body could also issue penalty for not complying and making payments.
So how long do I still have to wait?

Thanks for getting back to me @Pedrams

I’ve asked the team to look into the matter as quickly as they can - I won’t be able to assist you directly here, but they will reach out to you soon.


Hi Obi,
Still not had any contact from Tide and I’m not sure why it is taking so long. I understand you maybe short staffed, however this is effecting our business. We have been waiting since the 18th of June.

Is there any way we can move all the money to our Barclays account as we are not able to wait any longer…


Thanks for getting back to me on this @Pedrams

I can see that you have multiple accounts with us and at least from what I can see, this issue should have been resolved. I’d be happy to look into this and reach out in the app where we can discuss in more detail.

Can you let me know the company or trading name associated with the account in question?


Hi Obi
I really appreciate you looking into this…
The company is P&S Accountants Ltd. Account ending in 366.
Thank you

Thanks for letting me know, @Pedrams

If you any further questions, just reply to me in the app, I’ll get back to you as soon as I’m able.