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To make a payment from one of your accounts through the Tide app, tap the pay section (located in the bottom navigation bar).

On the payment page, you will be prompted to select which account you would like to make the payment from. After selecting the desired account, tap Next.

Input the amount you wish to pay. You now have the option to either add a new recipient 30, or select an existing one. Once you have entered the value of the payment and selected a recipient, tap Next.

The details of your payment will be displayed for confirmation.

To continue, first enter a payment reference in the Reference field. Tide provides the ability to categorise the transaction 15 to assist in managing expenses 11. To chose a category, tap the category box next to Choose a category. This will reveal a pop-up menu with saved categories. Tap the preferred category or tap Add to enter a new category.

After confirming the details of the payment, tap Pay to proceed.

You will then be prompted to enter your security code to authorise the transaction. Once authorised, the payment process is complete. Tap Close to return to the Accounts page.

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