Lost CHAPS payment, no response


Hi there. I’ve emailed and messaged in chat, but no response. Perhaps you don’t work on Saturdays, but all the high street banks do?

I’ve been sent a remittance for a same day payment made on Friday. This would be a CHAPS? If so it should clear by 7pm same day? Currently you’re sitting on my £30k and I’d like it back please.


Hi @TomC,

I’m really sorry to hear you’ve experienced delays in hearing back from us.

I know our Member Support team has since reached out to further assist you with this. If you have any other questions don’t hesitate to reach out to them directly via the in-app chat, they’re available 7 days a week.



Do you think this has been an example of good customer service?


I am sorry they haven’t yet replied. There is no phone number to reach Tide in these kinds of enquiries. There is no Facebook messages on your fan page (business page). I love your app, but I am afraid you need to improve your customer service :slight_smile:


Hi Valentine, as often seems to happen communication in chat has stopped. Can you (or anyone there) do something to resolve this please?


Hi @TomC,

I have spoken to our Member Support team just now and they confirmed they have given you a call to help you with this.

As I was explaining to @Andrzej on another thread, we’re receiving a lot of in-app messages this weekend and our Member Support team is working hard to get back to all our members as quickly as possible. I completely understand this delay must have been causing stress and inconvenience and for that, I’m really sorry.

If you need further assistance from them, please reached out directly via the in-app chat, they’ll be looking out for your message.



My lost chaps is still lost. As I repeatedly explained over the weekend if I have a remittance with a transaction number on then it was posted before the 3pm cutoff. This should have been investigated then, now I have to wait for you to deign to reply in chat. No phone number, no other way of making contact, this is completely unacceptable service. Please, if anyone from tide sees this can you expedite a reponse to my chat messages?


This has now arrived, but after the 7.10 deadline I was told to expect, hence my contact. I consider this resolved now.