Long time for support to answer chat?


Hi @Zaman,

We are sorry to hear that you felt this way. Can you let me know your company name, so we can get to the bottom of this?

Thank you in advance!


I have created a new thread re this. The company name is Kemat Consultings Ltd (WW).

After closing my account, Tide are holding £11,700 of my money for weeks after receiving all the documentation they requested to transfer those funds to my personal account. They seem to refuse to respond to my countless emails on the issue.

As a father with dependents trying to run a start-up business, these funds are crucial to the survival of my business, a source of much needed revenue and quite frankly - a lifeline during a global pandemic. My business revenue has dried up, and the money Tide have been holding for many weeks now is currently what I am depending on for survival!

Tide originally closed my bank account when I was unable to provide invoices showing purpose of a payment I made within a 2-3 week period that coincided with a sharp acceleration in the COVID19 outbreak while I was abroad, and a family member becoming critically ill back in the UK. The exceptional circumstances accounted for the delay, but despite explaining this to Tide and being forthcoming regarding the requested documentation, they still proceeded with the account closure.

But this is not even the crux of the problem with Tide.

Since then (over a period of many weeks), they have received all the information they’s requested to transfer my bank balance to my personal account but haven’t done it. I sent multiple emails with no response. Eventually, about two weeks ago I sent an email stating I’d proceed with legal action if this persists, and received a two sentence email response from Tide stating “I’m afraid I cannot specify a time-frame” for when I would get my funds back!!

Since then, I have emailed them again, asking if that means it could be held anywhere from weeks, months or even longer?!! and they have continued to ignore my emails.

For Tide to spend this long holding my funds despite having received all the documentation they requested to process a transfer, and then to continuously ignore my correspondence is just disgraceful.


Hello @Zaman,

thank you for the detailed explanation over this situation.

I can see that a representative of the relevant department has responded to you this morning.

I’m sorry that you felt this way, please check your messages and let me know if you will need further assistance,so we can get an agent to help you.


Hi I’m having trouble getting a response from support and need help asap any idea how i can get in contact with someone?


Hi @Logistics,

If you can advise on your company name we will make sure to reach back to you.

We are experiencing a higher volume of request than usual and delays may occur.

Thank you for your understanding.


I’m having to wait approx 18 - 24 hours to get a response - still unable to get issue resolved dince Sunday.


We are saddened to hear that you are disappointed with Tide. Please note that the agent, dealing with your thread is working night shifts, which might be causing the delay. We have transferred your ticket to another agent, who will be able to assist you during the day.


I am having a hard time reaching out to Tide customer support. We are having issues with payment and no one is answering a support ticket we filed at 10am today. We are in the middle of a very important and time-sensitive purchase that we cannot complete because of this. Not being able to get through to anyone at this bank is frankly disgraceful.



We are indeed facing a higher volume of requests at the moment.

If you can confirm your company name we will make sure to allocate the thread and provide more assistance.

Looking forward to your reply.


Hello @Misha_at_Tide @Yani_at_Tide or anyone.

I’ve been waiting for a reply to my in-app message since Thursday 14th May? Please can somebody urgently review this as it is a business-critical issue and this level of support is frankly unacceptable. Company is Domingo Ltd.


Hi there,

This is a complaint.

I’m currently very concerned. I found out on Wednesday 13th May that my account (name: North Wales Retreats) has been paused or blocked.

This is causing delays to my business which is unacceptable.

I have messaged within the App and emailed to resolve this situation, but other than an acknowledgement of my messages, there has been no progress made to tell me (a) what is going on and why (b) get my account working again.

Please contact me as soon as possible to resolve this.

Kind regards

Claire Mace


No-one is answering Chat after 2 days. Not good enough. There are too many other banks out there for Tide to be so complacent.


Hi there,

One of our Member Support agents has contacted you via a new thread to provide more clarification on the matter and further advise you.

For further updates on this, you can refer to the thread you have with our agent.


Hi there Jon,

Could you please confirm your company name so we can further look into your query as soon as possible?

Thank you in advance.


Soul Junction


Still waiting for someone to sort this out.


Hi @jon591,

I am really sorry for the delay in getting back to you, we are experiencing higher volumes of requests than usual at the moment.

One of our support agent has been in touch to further assist you with this.



Same problem here. Absolutely no reply to the app message function, multiple emails and this forum. What is going on?


Several days have gone by and my problem has still not been solved. This is completely unacceptable.


Hi both,

I’m really sorry for the slow reply. We’ve been receiving a lot more messages than normal for the past week which is why it’s taking us longer to reply to some messages. Rest assured that the team is working 24/7 to get back to our members as quickly as possible.

@WorriedTideCustomer, I have flagged this with our support team and they will be in touch as soon as possible to further assist you.

@jon591, I believe one of my colleague reached out to ask you for more details so they could further assist you. Did you receive their message? As soon as you get back to them they’ll be able to help.

Thank you for your patience,