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I urgently to set up tide on a new phone, with the same SIM and number as before. I have send mesages via the app, I have sent emails - no response. It is just unbelievable that a bank can insist that the only form of authorised access AND communication they accept is via a mobile, but then they simply do not respond. You cannot be a viable bank if you lock up people’s access to their money! It is not your money to control like that.

Whenever I tap “I already have an account” it will only take me through the process of applying from scratch. I have tried several times, and I have even tried going all the way through the process, but if course it refuses because the company already has an account.

How do I just log in on a new phone? I need to log in to my tide account TODAY.

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    Oct '20
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    Oct '20
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Hello @awaitingresponse!

I’m sorry that you are having difficulties going through the account recovery process. You have mentioned that when you tap “I already have an account” it takes you to set up a new Tide account. This usually happens when you try going through account recovery with email address that is not the one that is linked to your Tide account.

If you don’t mind sharing the name of your company, I could look into it further for you!


I was lucky and managed to resurrect an old phone and access the account ( just in time to avoid a VAT latepayment fine.

I had raised this via the app, on line here and via email. Eventually I had a response from Tide on the app, teling me that the answer is to uninstall and reinstall the app if I need to set up.

So the problem resolved - but I am outraged that it takes so long to get a response and to get help with such a simple answer, that it is so difficult to set up, and that the app is plain wrong - the option for existing user takes me into the new user process. The app could easily say uninstall and reinstall.

In Tide you don’t seem to get that this is not a trivial matter.

It is very very serious affecting business and employees’ livelihoods. Apps in general are about convenience, fun and entertainment, and if a normal app like restaurant , NHS covid, or birdsong recognition app etc stops working there are alternatives, or it can wait, or simply not bother.

If you are controlling access to business money AND if you insist the only way to access and communicate is via the app they you MUST provide a rapid response! In my view a 10 minute wait is inconvenient but acceptable, any later puts the customer carrying the risk for your benefit.