Locked Out Of My Account



I have been locked out of my account for over a month now and getting nowhere with the response from tide support. I tried the recovery process only for it to stick on doing additional checks which were estimated at 2 hours I am still waiting it’s been over a month.

I have supplied the correct ID for the correct account and have been going around in circles with Tide support only to be told okay thanks for confirming just go through the account recovery process??? really unacceptable I require to download all transactions for my year end accounts which are now late.

Can someone please resolve this as a matter of urgency




Good afternoon Roberta,

Many thanks for getting in touch with us.
If you still cannot access your Tide account I would recommend a clean installation of the app and passing through this process once again (account recovery attempts expire).

If this is not successful automatically can you kindly email us at: hello@tide.co?
This will allow us to investigate this more fully.

Please include your full, legal name and your registered business name.
The team will look into this for you as a priority.

Apologies for any inconvenience.
I hope this helps!

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