Locked out of account!


Hello, I got a new phone yesterday, so had to set up the Tide app again to access my account. I provided all requested security details and then was locked out of my account for further security checks. The notification said this would take 2 working hours to complete. That was Monday morning. It is now late Tues evening!

I can no longer access the app. I have raised a ticket, sent an email and sent a DM on Instagram, to no avail. This is unacceptably slow. I am running a business and cannot have financial interruptions like this.

Please could someone get back to me to resolve this?

Thank you.


Hello @Cdenham!

If you don’t mind confirming the name of your company, I could check for an account recovery request and review it for you!

Awaiting your reply!


I was told this morning that the checks had been done, but I had to delete the app as it just wouldn’t reset. So, can you please let me know what to do next.

I’m a sole trader, so the account will be in my name: Claire Denham.



Im also waiting for my account to be unlocked. I went through the change passcode procedure but it got stuck after I take a selfie and wont send the photo. I have raised a ticket but would like to know how long it takes to get a response. I need to approve a payment that is now urgent with serious business consequences if the payment is not made.