Locked out of Account and Website and No help from Tide


I am still locked out of my Tide account and have been for over 36 hours. I have had 2 pathetic emails from Tide each with a 12 our time gap between them. Both asking questions that I have already told them the answer to. Being locked out of the app was bad enough but I am also not being recognised on the Website as its saying that my email address is not an actual account! This is so frustrating and very bad for my business. I have now lost all faith in this App that I have got on with so well for the past 9 months. I now want to close down my account and go back to old fashioned banking where at least there is someone to talk to and action is taken immediately. To date I don’t know if my money is safe or if someone is fraudulently tampering with my account. I am furious and can’t tell anyone or get any help. I have had to set up a new account just to speak here!!!


Hi Siobhan,

I am really sorry to hear of your recent frustrations with Tide.

I have just sent you an email in regards to this issue.

If you do have any further issues or queries please do respond to the email and I will be on hand to assist as quickly as possible.

Once again I do apologise for your recent experiences and I hope we can have this resolved asap.




This exact thing has happened to me as well. I had my phone stolen over the weekend (and obviously, along with it any access to the Tide app). For some ridiculous reason, when I tried logging into Tide on desktop it says my email address is not connected to any account, even though I HAVE previous emails from Tide and use the mobile app (linked to that email) daily. I also had to create a new account just to type here…

When I tried accessing my account through another device my downloading to app, the phone number linked to the account I requested is on my STOLEN phone, therefore obviously unable to access any OTPs sent to that phone.

I cannot access my business account, or as above, even make sure it has not been tampered with which seems to be a serious flaw in Tide’s security measures. The fact that I have not had any reply to my 3 emails in 2 days (even though it was over the weekend…) is insane. I should be able to check my account is secure and not been tampered with at ANY time - even over the weekend!

I have never had a problem with Tide before, been a member for a year and have recommended it to other people however this is beyond ridiculous!!!


Hi @alexwalton2,

I am sorry to hear this.

I have just responded to the email you had sent. I do apologise for the delay in response and I hope we can have this issue resolved as soon as possible.



Hi, the same thing happened to me 2 days ago and I’ve been waiting for someone to reply to me but still nothing, I got the same message sent to me twice and I emailed back still have not got anything.