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Good evening
Hoping someone can advise,
I have been locked out of my account since following the forgotten password routine.
The app has been showing carrying out checks for over 48 hrs. I have sent messages to contact us on the app,[email protected] and complaints @Tide, with no response from any. Can someone advise on any other routes which may be available as the situation is now becoming ridiculous.

Hi there @Juan888

I’d be happy to look into this for you and help with your account recovery, but I’m not able to find your account with us so far. Could you let me know the name of your business?


Hi Obi
Thank you for your offer to assist.
Can I ask what your position is at tide?

Thank you, @Juan888

I work with the Member Support team, in that sense I’m familiar with the account recovery process enough that I can probably help you get through it without any further issues.


Hi Obi,
I have received an email from hello, just before 8pm last night informing me that my I’d scan failed due to it now being our of date.
It was current when the account was set up.
They require an in date photo I’d which I don’t currently have so It appears I’m stuck with no access to my account until I get one which could take weeks. Could we change the account access to my co director by re installing the app and uploading her I’d which is valid ?
We can’t wait weeks to access this business account.
We have emailed hello back explaining the basic of the above but once again have not received a reply!

Thank you for letting me know @Juan888

Again, I’d be happy to look into this for you directly and make sure that the recovery process goes smoothly. I’ll need to know the name of your business with us so I can contact you in a more official capacity, however.

I’ll definitely remind the team that that many forms of ID have had their validity extended automatically, in light of recent events.


Hi Obi,
The business name is Metropolitan Fire Systems Ltd.