Loan Approved But Can't Access Via App - Unclear On Status?


So, way back we were approved and app says there’s £50k waiting to be transferred but always fails - been seeking help via email and in app since beginning of October - no answers.

Is Tide still making funds available pls?

If not, does that fact that I’ve been approved with Tide mean I can’t go elsewhere even if anyone else would lend on a new account?




You still havnt recieved the bounce back loan funds from june??


Nope, all I get from support is that there’s a technical issue and they are escalating … nothing ever happens. I’ve called the lost card helpline in desperation, no help. Emailed, no response.


Wow thats really bad. Have you contacted anyone else about it? Your MP? They would contact Tide on your behalf as 4 months waiting for a transfer of funds is ridiculous.


Hi @Marc1 ,

Sorry to hear this. It is largely par for the course wirh Tide.

I actually feel a bit sorry for them, they genuinely lack the skills to provide any meaningful support, and they are so bad they are unable to recognise it.

Do you have business insurance? It may be worth logging a claim with that.


Been too busy trying to keep the wheels on the business to do much apart from chase them but that’s a good idea, thank you.


Hi, no insurance I’m afraid. I don’t feel sorry for them at all. If they’d have just said we can’t provide this months ago I could have gone elsewhere. As it is, they have simply burnt all my time putting up with their bad support.


Hi @PeteBennettUK

Very sorry to hear that. At least we can take Solace in the fact that Tide have received £25m in largely tax payer backed funding, so they can make a database of their customer’s open to the public.

That as customer’s we have neither asked for, nor need such a service doesn’t seem to matter to Tide. They carry on regardless anyway.

It now appears they block a large % of payments. I can honestly say moving to Starling is the best decision our businesses have made.

We have kept our Tide accounts open, solely in the hope that dormant accounts incur a cost for Tide.


Thank you Richard. Yep, it’s a mess. I am frantically trying to open an account with another bank but seems most are not accepting new applications and even if they are getting the loan in time is looking unlikely :frowning:


I haven’t received a penny and Ive been on this waiting list since The very start. My business wont last much longer. If I was with a major high street bank like my friends who have all had support and are thriving. I’m here as a tide customer rotting away. I am seriously considering leaving tide and seeking compensation come Jan 2021.


My issue also, 4 months now and cant get any support whatsoever. I had an amazing business that would help grow our economy! pffft.