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I know we are all well and truly over this situation now BUT we still have glimmers of hope and months to go, so let’s keep trying angles.

Just been given an address to write to with a suggestion that everyone who has or is a fintech banking customer, struggling to get a loan does the same:

Website: http://www.appgbanking.org.uk/

Email: buchananh@parliament.uk

This is all parliamentary Group Business banking commission & the more emails they get the more likely they will see the urgency, although I will be very surprised if they arnt aware.

Also it’s possibly far more likely to be read than the letters to some (con) mp’s … gotta be worth a shout.

Things to highlight:

Personal struggles and reasons for support needed, reasons haven’t yet been able to get support (inc furlough etc), discriminated against for using a fintech bank, banks not offering new accounts to some customers & reasons for getting rejected completely unfair etc.

If anyone needs a template I can probably put one together but certainly worth putting a personal spin on things.


Email sent!


Good man, there’s quite a few on twatter who have jumped on it aswel, it certainly cannot hurt.


I have sent emails to everyone i can. My MP is also on the case to try and help.
But i have just sent a message to Tide support for an update as there must have been some sort of communications between Tide and the Treasury during this month but got the same copy and paste answer i had at the beginning of the month. No update, no communications, nothing!! So still none the wiser after another month. I think we’re fighting for nothing.After everything we’re doing for Tide as customers, they cant even tell us what they are doing their end.if anything?


A bit of common sense would see the BoE ensure that those stuck on the waiting list and thus in limbo are granted BBLs and the matter is tidied up and everyone can move on.


Hello Marc! We are in conversation with the Treasury about providing direct access to funding for BBLS, this is the only way Tide will be able to restart lending.

We are working hard behind the scenes and hope the Government will be able to make this change to the Scheme.


You would have thought but sadly Common sense is something this government are lacking…


Pretty sure this is the pm’s job, the face of the nation…

Obviously realises he’s going to be hung out to dry when people realise brexit is nothing but a shit show… 50 years of legislation torn up in a few years by these muppets who couldn’t organise a piss up in a brewery.