Let down as usual


Hi there, after registering on the 11th May you eventually told me on Friday my business was not eligible! I understand that banks, insurers etc are exempt however i am a contractor with a limited company doing work for a bank. What is even more frustrating is that a colleague who didn’t even know about or need the bbl has just applied and been accepted by Natwest in a matter of 30 minutes. Other people within my office have also received bbl from their banks. Is this just another ruse for Tide to kick people of the list?


Yes. Tide has no funds. Taking on new accounts gives them funds but also makes them look good to big lenders the. If your over the 10.000 mark you will not get a bbl from tide pls people they have 0 funds to lend. 2 months on in still 28800. Hsbc im halfway through now nothing for 3 weeks.


Hi there @Johnspud77

We are sticking to the eligibility criteria outlines by the BBB. If your business is in an industry that is not eligible per those criteria, unfortunately it means we can’t consider you for this loan.

I know that this has been a difficult time, and we too have been anxious to share more with you and other members regarding the funding we’re working to secure, but for now I can only say that we’ll make announcements across all of our channels with more information when we have it.



Thanks for getting back to me Obi. The businesses who arent eligible are banks and insurers. I am a one man band limited company and obviously not a bank. The eligibility did not mention anything about BIC codes . How can several people i work with doing exactly the same work all be successful with their respective banks? Have their banks not checked BIC codes? Or have they used common sense that with a turnover of 36k we are obviously not a bank


To give you some clarity, we do reach out to members more broadly, based on the information that we have on your accounts.

If a situation does arise in which you feel that your business does fit the criteria for the BBLS, but we’ve still informed you that you’re not eligible, you can absolutely appeal that and the team will look into it in more depth.



Thanks Obi. I did appeal on Saturday so hopefully I get a reply. I will also be contacting Companies House to see if the BIC code can be changed


Hi Obi. My SIC code was incorrect on companies house and has actually just been changed. It should update within 48 hours. Can you confirm my application will be looked at again as i have appealed. I also hope that whatever my place in the list was would also be considered


Thank you for letting me know @Johnspud77

If the details that have led our team to consider your business ineligible have been corrected, they will absolutely take this into account when reviewing your appeal.

The team will get back to you about this as soon as they can!



Thanks for replying and fingers crossed

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