Left to rot in China



I got a new phone contract at the tail end of last week - not enough time for O2 to port my number usinq the pac. Using iCloud to sync my new devise booted me out of the tide app without warning. To get back in I needed a code that was text to my previous number. I explained this on the help section of the logged out app but before receiving a reply, access was cut and I only get a message saying that I’m locked out with no option to contact support. I m now on a business trip in China and have emailed tide support 4 times over 3 days literally begging for help… I haven’t received a reply. I’m at a loss… I have no access to my accounts and no way of reaching support. Even the lost or stolen card telephone number doesn’t work when calling from China. It’s truely unbelievable. I get the wholly online contact concept, but if you don’t have a telephone number you absolutely have to reply to your customers swiftly in emergency circumstances. It’s inexcusable. I’m at my wits end here!!!


So, you haven’t replied to this forum, you haven’t replied to any of my six emails, you haven’t replied to either of the support chats I have open - all regarding the same urgent issue, YET within 30 mins of coming on shift you replied to my Trustpilot review… I can only assume that’s because it’s in full view of potential new customers? @Valentine_at_Tide @Viktoria_at_Tide