Latest on being able to delete/edit an invoice?


I have had an account since July this year and love how easy it is to create an invoice either on my computer or my mobile phone, only issue I have is not being able to delete an invoice or edit an invoice once its been sent. I run my own soccer school and due to covid the sessions my customers are booking are often being amended or completely cancelled, not being able to edit or remove the invoice is making my account difficult to keep track of who has paid and who hasn’t. Surely adding a Remove/Delete or Edit feature isn’t too difficult in this day and age?


Hi there @Ndmales

Thank you for letting us know about this! We don’t have an invoice deletion or editing feature just yet, but it’s definitely something we know members have been requesting.

We’ll definitely keep it in mind as the team works on new features to add and when implementing improvements to the existing ones.



I don’t know how this has still not been made a feature I have seen people requesting this feature from 2017? And it’s still not been introduced ?


So I need to delete an invoice and to my amazement I find this thread and response…
“We do not have an editing or deletion feature just yet”

Seriously?! This is such a basic feature that makes me question whether I should keep my account with TIDE.