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In the wake of the Coronavirus outbreak, our CEO contacted all Tide members to let them know we are here for you and share the ways we are striving to help you. “In recent days, it has become clear that the coronavirus pandemic is not only a public health crisis, but that it will impact small and medium-sized businesses with unprecedented ferocity. At Tide, every one of us is committed to supporting you, our members.”

We will be posting here all our blog updates about how we plan to support you and the latest news for small businesses during the Coronavirus outbreak. You can also find all the content on our Coronavirus blog section 11.

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1 month later

Why has Tide STILL not been approved byt eh British Business Bank to distribute loan funds. I note Starling and others have been approved. Why not Tide? Many eligible businesses bank via Tide and other providers seek only to deal with applications from existing customers. I feel at a real disadvantage by banking with Tide - whose service is otherwise great. Please, an update on WHEN appliction likely to be approved would be appreciaed… Otehrwise if Tide CANNOT do it, jkust say so now. Thanks

Hi @Jtreacher,

Thanks for reaching out.

I understand you frustration but wanted to assure you that we’re doing everything we can to be accredited. We’ve submitted our application but the process to become accredited by the British Business Bank is very slow.

We’ll update our members as soon as we have more information.



But other institutions have been approved. And it is NOT slow for them. You give no details as to what youa re doing to chase it. You have customers desperate to access funding who loyally bank with Tide. Starling and others have been “approved” already. And it did not take them ages. I understand you applied a monthor so ago, And all you are doing is dispering now 100% guarantted loans, so no risk to Tide. I am really disappointed in the lack of concrete information - and progress

Hi @Jtreacher,

We applied to the British Business Bank to become an accredited CBILS lender 45 days ago and we are progressing through the stages. The British Business Bank has not been clear on their prioritisation criteria for accreditation, so we are unable to say for certain why Startling Bank was accredited before Tide.

We are in contact with The British Business Bank daily to try to move the process along as we are very much aware that many of our members are relying on us being able to distribute this funding.

I also would like to point out that even once we are approved we won’t be able to lend to everyone as the British Business Bank has a number of guidelines.

We can look to see if your business would be eligible in order to help speed the process for you. I have just sent you a private message.