Just Terrible. What is this the wild west?


Well, I got my funds deposited to Tide, and then sought to pay the bills.

Security check, someone will be in touch, we can’t do the transfer.

No one has been in touch.

App support people just do boilerplate (are they people or just bots?)

Email just creates tickets

Phone number connects to some people who tell me this is a regular occurrence of pissed off and screwed over customers.

You got my money! Now you won’t let me pay the bills!

Day 2

Some other threads appear to go on for weeks.


Thank you for reaching out about this @Pete1

I’m sorry to hear that you’ve encountered such an issue with us - I’ve just had a look into this and chased up the responsible team so they can look into this.

Checks on outbound payments are a fairly standard procedure and we try to address it as quickly as possible, so as not to disrupt our members needlessly.

They’ll be in touch with you shortly.