Just a vent about everything?


Still no call @Obi_at_Tide


Sorry about that, @richardv9!

It’d be best that you request a call via the chat, if you’re not able to get through to an available agent via the call function. I might not always be able to pass your request along to the team on time.



Hi @Obi_at_Tide,

I have requested this in the app.

The massive frustration here is that a call back was arranged LAST Friday. I have now waited a week for this, and nothing.

Please, if you cannot deliver on a service, do not offer it. It is incredibly frustrating.

Fortunately we are beginning a switch over fully to Starling. Their live chat, phone lines available all the time, multi user app, and FCA protection really os a breath of fresh air.



I can confirm we have now received a call.

Please do try and have a restful weekend Obi. You have a difficult job, with a bad hand dealt. Please take no comments about Tide personally from all members.


I’m glad to hear that @richardv9!

I appreciate the sentiment as well, I’m happy to help. Don’t hesitate to reach out if you need anything!


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