I've had a Tide account for 4 months and still not managed to use it


Hi, I’m a Director of a new street food business, we haven’t started trading yet but have had a Tide account for about 10 months. There are two other Directors, one of whom is the main account holder. I’ve had a card for about 4 months, and in that time, despite wanting to, I’ve never managed to use it; I’ve probably spent over £2,000 through my personal bank account which should really have been spent on the business account.

I don’t know why exactly… the whole Tide process is just not as easy or clear as it should be, and I find it really frustrating that I have no visibility over the account, or even over my card, which has my name on it. As far as I am aware I cannot check the balance on the card I’ve been given. I’ve no idea how much money is in the main account. I’ve no idea whether I need to ask my partner to log in and move money from the main account onto my card, or whether I can just use my card and it takes money from the main account. I can’t seem to find the answers to these questions online, the support article for Team Cards doesn’t go into any detail.

I know that if I was more organised I could ask my partner to send me screenshots of the bank balance, and move money around for me. But when I’m about to pay for something in a shop I just don’t have time, and so I spend the money through something that I have visibility of, my personal card. Maybe I’m missing something - if thats the case the online guidance needs to be improved. I’ve browsed the FAQs and am still none the wiser.

Maybe it’s the other Director, maybe he hasn’t read the support articles properly… When I ask him he says he thinks I should be able to log in. But when I tried to log in, it told me to reset the security login code, which I’m assuming means he’s now going to lose access until such time as he decides he wants to log in and see the account.

I don’t care if I’m not the main account holder. I don’t care if I have to upload my passport details and go through KYC. I just want to be able to log in, view the balance, move money around, make a bank transfer, etc. Am I missing something huge here?

I love the idea of Tide. But I’m just getting frustrated that we’ve got this account and yet I feel totally discouraged from using it as I have to text my business partner to ask him to log in and check the balance for me before I use the card.

We’re planning to be trading full time in 2 months. I’ve said to the other guys that if I don’t have visibility of the account before we start trading then I want to change banks. I can’t manage my business if I can’t see the account balance or whether my card is going to get declined.

Can anyone give me any advice?


Hi @Ollyking,

Thanks for taking the time to share your feedback on the community and sorry to hear you’ve been having trouble using your Tide team card.

We know full team access is an important feature for a lot of our members and I can confirm that it’s on our product roadmap.

For now, a team can use their Tide account with Team Cards and read access. We’ll continue improving the ways team can access their Tide account in the coming months.

At the moment, Team Cards can be managed through a single app belonging to the main account holder. To answer your question, the card corresponds to the account they ordered it for - therefore your card and the card of the main account holder correspond to the same account.

If you’d like to check the balance of the account, you can do so via read access. With the read access dashboard, your business partner can give you read access to their Tide account, allowing you to view and download transactions on their behalf.

To grant you access to read access, your business partner will have to log into Tide on the web. Once they’re in, they’ll need to click Account Management > Read access > Manage read access. They’ll then be able to add team members by entering their email addresses and mobile numbers.

Once approved, you can get read access to their account by logging on to the read access dashboard on a desktop device.

You can find more details about read access here.

Let me know if you have any other questions, I’d be happy to help.



Hi @Valentine_at_Tide, thanks for responding. Just to clarify one thing… you mentioned that my team card should correspond to the same account as the main account holders? Could it possibly be that they relate to different accounts? I’m certain that when the cards arrived they had different bank account numbers on them, which I think has added to the confusion. If I understand correctly, the reason the main account holder created different accounts was because when he first ordered cards for us (probably back in Apr/May/Jun) the cards arrived with his name on all three. So he got in touch with you and he told me that the guidance he got was the only way to get cards with each Director’s name was to create 3 different bank accounts and assign each Director to their own account. Is that not correct? Is it possible to get three cards assigned to the same account, but with each Director’s name on each card? Thanks, Olly


Hey @Ollyking,

Sorry for the confusion, Team Cards can be requested for Tide main accounts or for sub-accounts, there’s no need to open sub-accounts for Team Cards.

I’m unable to give sensitive details here, but if the account number on your card differs to the number on the account holders card, your cards will be associated with different current accounts . The available funds for each card will be linked to the balances of their associated accounts.

I’ve just sent you an email with a little more information, if you have any questions do just let us know :slight_smile: