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I’ve been Scammed out of £3199.62 the two transactions have been reported to tide.

The two transactions happened on 21 July 2020 (12 days ago now)

The support app doesn’t work (apparently a common bug) and no real response from the disputes department at tide only a template email and no follow up. This is concerning, normally a bank would have investigated already.

There is no way of me contacting the correct department, this fraud was reported shortly after the transactions.

How do I get my money back?

Hi there @BRADY

Thank you for reaching out about this, I’m sorry to hear about this situation.

What I would strongly recommend is that you log in to Tide on Web on your computer, that will ensure that you’ll be able to see your messages without any issues, as well as our responses.

Regarding the process itself, the disputes team will be able to advise on that in more detail, unfortunately, please be sure to leave them a message if you haven’t heard back as of yet!


8 days later

An update the disputes team have now initiated a chargeback. I will update on the outcome.

Glad to hear it, @BRADY

My colleagues will keep you updated on how that’s progressing, I hope they’re able to sort this out for you.


1 month later

38 days now - Should be hearing the outcome soon. The company that scammed me is a complete fraud shame I’m having to wait 45 days but I am confident that I will get my money back will update on case with detail soon.

Hi there, @BRADY

I know the chargeback process can be a bit time-consuming, but I hope that the team will have a positive outcome to update you with soon as well. Note that the process can take up to 45 business days, so it might be a bit longer still.


45 days today, but I still haven’t heard anything and no money has been returned to my account, I have sent a message in app but had no reply!

Thanks for following up.

I can see that this has taken a bit longer than normal. I’ve chased this up with the team for you, so we can keep you updated on the outcome as soon as possible.


Update: 58 days has passed since the original dispute was accepted.

After a few attempts to contact tide I receive an email:

Sep 30, 2020 (52 days after dispute accepted)

We still haven’t had an update on the outcome of our finance partner. Until we received this, we have no other means of obtaining the outcome. The timeframe 45 days is the time it takes to receive the outcome from the Mastercard, unfortunately, our finance partner has had delays with processing these outcomes. We have continued to chase this, stressing the urgency.

I have now received the following email and a temporary credit

Oct 5, 2020

We have gone ahead and *temporarily credited your account with £3199.62 while we await the outcome of this chargeback. We apologise for the time this is taking, but until we receive the outcome from our finance partner, we’re unable to advise further on this.

We’ll be in touch as soon as we have the outcome.