Issues payment into account



Needing help, I have been in discussion with the in app team, unfortunately I’m not getting any information that I’m requesting. A large payment into my account has been held for 7 days. This payment is a same day transaction that I’d paid for. I’ve also asked to lodge a complaint that hasn’t been answered at all. Can someone help is it usual for Tide to withhold my money from my account.
Could do with some assistance as I’m in the dark, it looks like they are stalling as they might have misplaced my money or worse…


Hi there @gtveyd

I can see that the team have already been in touch to help sort this issue out, I understand it was a matter of the account balance limits preventing the payment from properly reaching your account.

The team will be looking into sorting that out and making sure the transfer reaches your account as soon as possible.



They have been in touch, but the problem is that it doesn’t go over the limit. I have been trying to tell Tide for a week this but its impossible to get any answers or information. I would very much appreciate some actual help. I’ve been repeating myself over and over again.


I’m utterly shocked at the lack of help I’m receiving from all at Tide.
All I’m getting is cut and paste with the wrong information, no-one is actually interacting with interest.
I’m still not sure if Tide understand what I’m saying as not one of the Tide in app guys are responding to questions or points. They keep saying that it’s been reffered to the limits team and awaiting the outcome. But the point is that this payment does not come close to the limit!
Is anyone else having issues with simple payment to their account. Has anyone had money lost or misplaced?


I am also having same issues of payments into my account since i started with Tide 4 months ago i have not been able to setup payments apparently its coming bavk as account number does not exist or something similar and have asked for help since. I have been able to transfer money from my personal account and it has gone through but my clients are unable to do a Bacs tranfer. pls help urgent


Hi Everyone,

I had similar issues with a client trying to send me a payment. The Payee Checker system that banks have recently set-up are not a part of TIDE - the account details will not be verified.

----- From a TIDE assistant -----
Banks recently introduced service called Confirmation of Payee that is being rolled out across the industry over the coming 12 months. Confirmation of Payee aims to provide greater assurance to people that are sending payments by matching the name and account details they have entered for the payee to a centralised database of account names and numbers. Because Tide’s payment partners have not yet implemented this new service, your account details cannot be matched and a notice is presented to this effect. It is important to note that this is just a notice, if the sender is experiencing this issue please advise them that the payment can still be made without any issues. For further information on Confirmation of Payee please see the below

As for the limits restrictions. Luckily this has not affected thus far.


Hi there, everyone.

Thank you for joining the discussion and apologies for keeping you waiting on our response here, I trust that the Member Support team has been able to assist you with the individual issues that you’ve encountered.

We’ve mentioned it elsewhere as well, but Confirmation of Payee is a system that’s being implemented where banks can exchange some information account individual accounts so that, once a payment’s recipient details have been filled in, you’ll see the names of the account holder so that you know that you’re sending the funds to the right place.

Tide isn’t involved with confirmation of payee at this stage, so when your clients are preparing payments into your accounts with us, it will likely show them a message that the recipient account could not be verified. I understand that some banks will caution their clients against fraud in these cases, which is understandably concerning.

We’ll be looking into solutions for this going forward, for now, what the team can do is send you a letter that should help assuage any concerns from your clients.

Regarding the account limits, we did apply an account balance limit increase across the board for our active members to 125k, though I understand that in some situations, these haven’t gone through entirely, and will need to be adjusted by the team - so if you do encounter a payment that doesn’t go through, though it shouldn’t exceed this, just let the team know so we can have our colleagues address it.

I hope that covers everything, don’t hesitate to get back to me if you have any questions!