IPhone did Tide update now Tide App won’t open


As above, my IPhone prompted me to do an update for the Tide App and now the App won’t open…


Hi there @TimBe000

Sorry to keep you waiting!

I’ve had a look into this and on our end it seems to be that you’re still running an older version of the app.

Could I ask you to go into the appstore and manually try to update the Tide app to the latest version?

Once you’ve done this, you should be able to sign in without any further issues.



There is a difference between being able to sign back in and having to go through the verification process again.
Simply not good enough that I am locked out of my account and can’t access any online facilities…,


So no response… Really is a joke…


Sorry to keep you waiting, @TimBe000

Whenever the app is installed on a new device or reinstalled on its current one, we do have a security measure in place that requires you to go through account recovery.

Once you’ve installed the app, simply select ‘I already have an account’ and go through the steps. Make sure that you enter the email that’s associated with your account, that should be the first step.

When completed, you’ll have full access to the account and the app once again.

If you need any help with this, please let me know in more detail so I can advise you. You can also reach out to hello@tide.co. I hope this helps!



I have no valid ID at the moment as my passport has expired and I’m in the process of renewing my driving licence. This leaves me with no access to my account just because of some update that I was forced to do on my phone.,.


I’m sorry to hear about that @TimBe000

Occasionally, our technical teams push through necessary updates that would make the app not function properly on an older version, we unfortunately can’t anticipate this kind of situation.

I do apologise for the inconvenience, once you’ve got a new ID, you’ll be able to regain full access to the app and the account.



That’s really not good enough, I’ve got like 2-3 weeks before I receive my updated licence and won’t be able to access my account until then…,
Do you think that’s acceptable? Any other bank would verify you by other means… like security questions…


Thank you for getting back to me on this, @TimBe000

I do understand that this is a long time to wait, but to ensure your account’s security, we can’t circumvent the requirements for recovery.

Your account and your Tide card will remain active during this time.