iOS support tickets keep reverting to unread


ALL my support tickets keep reverting to unread. It’s driving me insane, as I have to go through each of them to get rid of the unread notification. It has been an issue since May when Tide migrated to a ‘faster and better platform’.

I assumed that the reason my iOS support tickets all went unread with every update was because I was using the TeatFlight beta. Eventually it got so annoying that I deleted the beta and went to the regular iOS App Store app, but it seems to be even worse.

I’m posting this here, instead of contacting support as I don’t want another support ticket that I have to go into every few days/weeks to mark it as read.

If this was any other bank, I’d just give up on the app, delete it and use their website, but that’s not really a possibility with Tide…

Support Tickets always revert to 'unread'

No response from Tide on this (I daren’t ask in-app), but it has happened again. All support tickets have been re-marked as unread.


I reported this bug to the support team at the start of December. Their response was “Yes, this is a known issue and we are working on resolving it as soon as possible”. I’d have expected their team to fix the problem a lot faster than this, certainly a poor user experience for their customers.


Thanks designetica

All my support messages have been marked as unread again today.

I first reported the issue on 10 June. I received the following response:

"Hi Martin,

Unfortunately we are aware of this error and are working on getting this fixed. I have raised this with the team and will get back to you when this has been done.


For an app-only bank account, Tide has a shockingly poor app. I can almost understand why basic essentials like being able to accept USD payments might take a while, but there is no excuse for having usability bugs like this outstanding for 7 months.