iOS App Fix


What’s the ETA on the fix for iOS app?
Haven’t had any updates since Thursday, and we’re now Day 6 without being able to access accounts.

It’s not great for a business service to have a whole bunch of customers unable to access their accounts for close to a week. Might be time to step up the customer service to try and retain us…



Hello there Robert,

We are aware of the inconvenience this issue is currently inducing and we wish to confirm that our backend team is treating this with high priority. If you need to make an urgent transaction, right now, we suggest using an alternative device, preferably and if possible Android.

The e-mail with correspondence we have with you has been located and please rest assured that as soon as an outcome is received, you will be notified as quickly as possible.

Your patience on this is truly appreciated.



I can confirm android works, can you guys not shed some light on what broke this, i.e. specific ios versions/hardware/tide app version?