iOS app doesn’t load


URGENT have been unable to access my account for 3 days!
iOS app on iPad, iPhone just site with spinning circle.
Reloaded and same thing happens. Rebooted phone and the same thing.
This is just not good enough and is causing all sorts of issues. Your meant to be providing a business level service yet this has meant no access to my business finances which is just not good enough.
Not having a fail safe way to deal with things in these situations is terrible. Once I have access again I will be moving away from tide once and for all as you are going to put me out of business as it’s been problem after problem.

Please get this sorted ASAP!


Hello Rich,

Thanks for getting in touch and drawing our attention to this.

We’re aware that some iOS users are unable to open the Tide application and our Developer team is working on a solution as we speak. If you need to make an urgent transaction, right now, we suggest our members use an alternative device, preferably and if possible Android.

We’re sorry for any inconvenience this may cause you and your business. As soon as we have any update, we will get back to you. I’ve linked your case to our Production Support team.

Thank you for your understanding.

Best wishes,


I appreciate you replying but the point is that this just is not good enough for a business bank!
As a business we depend on cash flow, knowing what is going on with our money and depending on access to it.
It is ridiculous to put all access dependant on a app!
No web access if the app is down as the app is required is just ridiculous.
I am afraid that once access is restored I will look to open a new regular Business bank account with the main lenders. The idea of Tide is good but the execution for a business level bank is appalling!


Still nothing? IOS app down since Friday and you think its acceptable that the only solution to this is use a android device?
It’s your last update that has caused this not to work not IOS 13 as I was happily using the previous version of your app with IOS 13!
Your most recent update has caused this to stop working. I have now purchased a android device to try and access the system only to now be told further checks need to take place before I can use the app! This is terrible. Tide is costing my business money now, a new tablet purchase, late payment charges and god knows what else I am going to be subjected to as I cant even see how much is in my account to pay staff!!
I want to raise a full complaint on this and know when this is going to be resolved so I can transfer everything away from Tide.



Are there any updates on this? I’m still not able to load the app, and could really do with being able to log on using a desktop without the need for the app.


Hi @Trigys

We’re glad to confirm that we’ve found a resolution to the problem you’ve been facing with regaining access to your account. This has now been resolved in the backend. If you could kindly delete and reinstall the app, this will allow you to regain access to your account.

Should you have any further questions regarding your account, please do contact us at or through the in-app chat - we’ll be more than glad to help!

We wish you all the best. :blush: