Invoice Template



I didn’t spot a wish list for the invoice template so I thought I’d throw mine in here:

More fields per line
The current template is missing quantity and price but as I bill per day of time I quite often have clients that like to see a line item per week and a weekending column that contains a date. So my invoice looks like:
Description | Weekending | Days | Rate | Amount
Consultancy: 3rd, 4th, 5th | 9-Apr-2017 | 3 | £100 | £300

Invoice Deletion
Mentioned by several people before but it’s needed because every one makes mistakes and I can’t test out the templating feature without creating permanent invoices. Disabled invoices, that are still visible/retrievable but don’t affect accounting, would suit me best.

Invoice Increment & Seeding
You might do this already but since I can’t delete an invoice I daren’t try this. It would be great for invoice numbers to be auto-generated. Just a simple auto-increment and a seeded starting value would work for me.

And now a quick word from our sponsor
I don’t send emails with Sent from my iPhone at the bottom. I don’t want to send invoices with Made by Tide at the bottom.

VAT field per line not needed
I guess some people might want to do this. But it’s unnecessary for me. I charge the same VAT rate on all services I offer so I just need one amount column (quantity * price :wink: ) which gets sub-totaled, VAT calculated, then final total

Credit Notes? :-s
Erm this my first day with Tide so this might be me… sorry. But If I can raise an invoice I’m going to need to be able to raise a Credit Note as well.

Rate per customer
Getting deep into the wish-list now. Since I’m billing for my time it would be icing on the cake if I could tweak the units quantity (ie minutes, hours, days, etc) and set a billing rate per customer.



Can I also add Send invoice to multiple email recipients to the wishlist…


Any update on this? Adding dates/number of items seems pretty fundamental.


HI @jkataky,

I can confirm this is on our radar but I’m afraid I cannot confirm a timeline for now.

We’re collecting all your feedback on Tide’s different features and functionalities so please do continue to share it, it’s super helpful!