Invoice Generating and Basic Information


I speak to customer service, but never seem to get any real answers so I’m hoping that I will get some more feedback from here.

Why is it so hard to find my 3 IBANs?
When I generate an invoice, why isn’t all the relevant information filled out? IBAN’s etc
Could you provide a text box for me to add more information?
Why can’t I issue invoices in Euro?
Customer service asking me to send screen shots of issues, but the chat functionality not being able to provide capability on desktop and her asking to me to restart my computer…come on.
I have OCD and can’t stand having a 1 (or how ever many new messages) next to apps. Every time I log into the messages part of the app, all previous old messages come up as ‘new’.

I moved from Revolut to Tide and seriously contemplating going back…