International payments (receiving)


Hi Tide,

Can you please post an update with regards to international payments - primarily in respect to ‘receiving’ international payments? What’s the latest here? This was included, as I recall, under your ‘medium term’ goals. (Though I think that it had been shifted from a previous ‘by end of 2017’ target?) Is there a beta test group, up and running? Or, if not, is there a waiting list sorted? Can’t recall if I am on that list?

If this is definitely happening this first half of 2018 then that’s doable for my business. Otherwise I really need to set up with an alternative provider. No major drama here, just need to know so that I can plan accordingly.

Thanks in advance.



Thanks for taking the time to share your feedback with us!
International Payments are still projected on our Product Roadmap for Medium Term release, I have just reached out to you via the in-app chat regarding being added to Tide Preview :slight_smile:


This is something we also really need to start using Tide


Hi Tide, I’m desperate to join any test group you have for this as I receive payments twice a month with more to come in Intl Ccy. Please reach out if you can assist. Thanks


Hi @Wild1!
I have just sent you a message via the in-app chat regarding joining Tide Preview :slight_smile:


please bring it on, we are all waiting :wink:


Hi, Thanks for the update. Looking forward to the IBAN/BIC numbers to be set up. Today I had to cancel registration with Braintree (for Paypal) as they asked for IBAN/BIC to register my company to start accepting payments. I called them, offering sort code and account number but they refused. So it seems this is not just inward international payment issue, even UK based Paypal registration via Braintree for my EKM e-commerce payment processing is not viable.


Have you tried Stripe? We’re using them very successfully with our Tide account :slight_smile: fees are very reasonable too!


Thanks. Checked them out and registered.