International Payments August


International Payments were on the March roadmap as being ready in ‘4-6 weeks’, and then moved to short-term in the May roadmap, but are still not here in August. When I last asked a month ago I was told by Charlie that there wasn’t an ETA on roll-out. What’s happening? Can we get an update?

I’ve been advised to join the beta ‘Preview’, which I requested a month ago, but haven’t been added.


Hey @jimchi,

We’re testing our IBAN/ International payments feature with some members at the moment.

You’re on the waitlist, and our Member Support team has just sent you a message in the app with more information about when you should expect to hear from us :slight_smile:


Thanks @Katie_at_Tide


Will this mean that a Euro account will be available soon?


I submitted my application this for Euro account this morning, if it works as well as my Sterling account I will be delighted. I have many associates who would join Tide if this works seamlessly.



The feature is being rolled out in small batches @JohnJ, I’ve just sent you a message in the app about joining the waitlist :earth_asia:


Hey @Katie_at_Tide - could you please add me to that waitlist too? I could really benefit from multi currency accounts like on Revolut.

Thanks! Matt


Thanks for letting us know @woodymedia , I’ve recorded your details and the IBAN team will be in touch soon.


Hi, please could you add me too?


Hi @18anhaltroad,

Could you please send me a direct message to confirm your business name so I can add you to the waitlist?



Hi, it’s 18 Anhalt road ltd, thanks


Thanks, @18anhaltroad, you’ve been added to the waitlist :slight_smile:


So does the app support International payments or not? No where does it state it clear enough and you can find information on multiple places that it is soon to be introduced.
Can account receive international payments? More specifically can you receive payments from Lithuania, Poland, Czech Republic, Ukraine, India ?


Hi @Redviam,

IBAN & International Currency Accounts are currently being rolled out for limited business accounts. If you have a limited business account and would like to join the waitlist, just let me know. I’d be happy to add you to the waitlist!

If you’re eligible, you’ll be issued with 3 IBANs:

  • DE (Germany) IBAN for receiving and sending SEPA Euro payments
  • DK (Denmark) IBAN for receiving and sending SWIFT payments in all other currencies (including Euro SWIFT payments)
  • GB (Great Britain) IBAN for receiving international GBP payments sent via the SWIFT network

You can also find more information about our International Currency Accounts here.

Hope this helps,


Hi Valentine, Could you add me to the IBAN waitlist too. Many thanks! You are doing a great job with the community btw. :slight_smile:


Hi @matthamm,

Thanks so much for your support :slight_smile:

Could you please send me a DM to confirm the name of your business so I can add you to the waitlist?



Hello, Mrs. Valentine.

Thank you for your answer.
I have registered my business account and would like to be added to waiting list, if possible.

How long you have to usually wait?

Will be looking forward to hearing from you.



Hi @Redviam,

Thanks for your inquiry.

Could you please send me a DM to confirm the name of your business so I can add you to the waitlist?

The wait varies but once you’re on the waitlist the team shouldn’t take too long to be in touch.



Hi @Valentine_at_Tide

I would also like to be added to the waiting list. Just signed up after reading Euro accounts are just around the corner as critical to my business. Not sure how I can DM you tbh. Doesn’t seem to be an obvious way under your profile.



Hi @alexanderl,

Welcome to Tide!

You can DM me by clicking on my name and the blue message box that should appear on the right-hand side.

I’m happy to confirm that I have just added you to the waiting list :slight_smile: