Information before signing up


I’ve been following Tide for quite a few months. I recent Facebook ad campaign made me look at it again.

It seems that Tide was focussed on mobile only banking. This put me off, initially, but I now see there is a web app. However, the initial sign up needs to be done on the mobile app. Although I love the flexibility of banking on the move, I would prefer to do the majority of things through the web app. Can you let me know what I can and can’t do on the web app as opposed to the mobile app?

I assume the Mastercard that comes with the account is a debit card and not a credit card? I think it needs to be made clear what type of card it is. I hope it is a debit card!

Any news on when the ability to send and receive international bank payments will become possible?

Where can I find out what the charges/interest fees are for paying/receiving payments in other currencies are? I pay for a lot of services in USD.

I assume I can set up my Tide account with Stripe and PayPal?

I am still confused on the 20p charge. If I pay for online services with the Mastercard, will I be charged the 20p? How about if I receive payment from PayPal or Stripe? Can you make it really clear when I would need to pay?

I have Xero, have you got a help article on how that works?

Can I download Excel spreadsheets or CSV files from the web app?



One more question. Do you have a customer support number, or is the only way to contact you via email?


Hi Ian, the Community platform is the perfect place to engage with our team, as well as fellow Tide Members. The quickest way to get in touch with us would be via the in-app messaging tool where our Tide Founder Members are available to answer any questions you may have, as well as through

Although Tide is a mobile-first, we have designed Tide on the Web to enable users to perform many of the same functionalities. Unlike on the app, you are currently unable to create an account, make payments or manage your card (cancelling your Tide MasterCard, finding your PIN etc.) online, but we are working to introduce these functionalities in the future. The card which you will receive is a pre-paid MasterCard.

International payments are on our product roadmap to be introduced in the future, although we have not yet announced a timetable for doing so.

More information regarding our fees can be found on this thread. We do not charge any fees or interest for international payments, and use the exchange rates set by MasterCard.

The 20p fee only applies to all Faster Payments in and out of the account. There is no transaction fee for payments made through BACS, or with your Tide MasterCard- including payments made online. Payments from PayPal or Stripe will only be charged if they come through as Faster Payments. More information regarding fees can be found in our Account Agreement, which can be found on this page.

We are currently working on full integration with accountancy software such as Xero, but in the meantime, you are able to download previous transactions as a ready-to-upload CSV file (you are able to download this via the app, or through the Web) and add the file to your Xero account. These files are formatted for easy integration into Xero, with the correct columns already in place, allowing you to simply upload the file and assign the CSV columns to Xero fields.

Hope this helps, and we look forward to welcoming you to the Tide Community!


Do you also provide ready to import/export CSVs for Freeagent?


Adding to @Sam_at_Tide’s brilliant explanation, both Stripe and PayPal send using FasterPayment, these days. Personally, I have configured Stripe to to transfer on a weekly schedule, so it’s no more than 4 deposits per month. It’s manual for PayPal because I find PayPal sluggish and cumbersome.

@Samapplebee Tide has an API for listing transactions. So you can export the CSV fields in any order you like.


Hi @Samapplebee,

We’ve just released our integration with FreeAgent.

You can find out more here. You can also find a list of FAQs about this here.

Let me know if you have any questions, I’d be happy to help :slight_smile: