Information about your PIN


After your Tide MasterCard has been activated, you can access your PIN by tapping the card icon (accessed via the accounts page).

Tap Show PIN and the PIN for the selected card will be revealed.

If you have more than one Tide MasterCard, find a given card by swiping left or right on the picture of the cards.

Your PIN can be changed at most ATMs.

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Your Account: Your Tide Mastercard

the current (iOS) app seems hard coded to display 4 digit PINs. it is possible to change card pins to 5 or 6 digits at many ATM and in some countries such as Switzerland and Portugal this is common with certain banks and card types. will the app cope if we change our PIN to a 5 or 6 digit code? If not, could this be incorporated into a future release?


While we are currently unable to accept PIN codes longer than 4 digits, we will certainly take your feedback into consideration for future implementation. Thank you!

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