Incoming payments?


Is there a delay on incoming payments


I made 3 transfers from natwest and barclays and none have shown up made the deposits at 3:30PM today. Outgoing is fine though. Really desperate for this money to go in!


Customers said they have paid me nothing come in,
I have made a payment they have not received


I am also waiting on payments going in. Absolute joke. Nobody ia replying on the chat app either. Disgraceful


Looking at previous chats on here it can take a few days.


Got my money now has all yours come through


@Rep1, @millerkov, @weissbraun, @Tomjames1983 thank you for posting. So sorry to hear you experienced a delay in your payment clearing; this isn’t anything to worry about, our Finance Partner has confirmed there was just a slight delay last night but the funds should now be with you. Apologies for any inconvenience caused.
Thanks, Ali


Thats strange Ali because its happened again today. 8 hours ago my client made a faster payment to me. Still not received and ince again you guys ignoring mesaages on chat on app


Don’t say this Tomjames1983… it’s making me wonder if it’s worth changing to a different bank supplier


Still no paymemt and its now the next day. No reply on messeages on app either. These guys are cowboys. Ive reported them!


Hi @Tomjames1983, my apologies for the delay in coming back to you on this thread. I can see that this was resolved on 13th June. Rest assured that your subsequent query is being dealt with by our disputes team and we will continue to keep you updated.
Thanks, Ali