Incoming faster payment has not arrived


It’s been 6 hours and no sign of a faster payment made through HSBC account by my customer. Sent email and in-app message to support but no response. It’s delaying my outgoing payments and totally stuck! Frustrating


Hello there! Thanks for taking the time and pointing this out.

We pride ourselves on delivering fast and effective solutions for our members, so we’re disappointed this wasn’t the case for you.

I’ve seen that a colleague of mine has already been in touch with you and the issue should be now solved.

Please do bear in mind that sometimes payments can just take a little longer - the timeframe publicised is only a guideline.

Our faster payments are currently processed every 2 and a half hours, but we are working hard to make our payments instant. Instant payments are on Tide’s roadmap! You can follow our tech team’s progress here:

Do not hesitate to reach out to us should you have any questions or further feedback - we’d be more than happy to chat! For now, I wish you a fantastic weekend and all the best ahead for you and your business. :blush:


Any chance of a response David


David, Thank you for your response. However, I have identified some discrepancies in the information Tide is providing through yourself, website FAQs and your colleagues. Moreover, there is lack of cohesion and joined-up communication which is very worrying considering that through your advertising all over the UK, you’re asking small businesspersons like me to hand you our business cash-flow. Conscious that you’re short of time, here is a quick summary of my observations and concerns:

  1. You advised that Faster payment is currently being processed every 2 and half hours. However, your colleague Nikolay Stefanov suggested in their reply to my in-app message that it’s every 30 minutes.
  2. FAQs on the website and in the app also say faster payment is processed every 30 minutes.
  3. Either way, my payment reached my account after more than 6 hours and 30 minutes.
  4. When I asked Nikolay (twice) why is that or what information do you need to investigate this or if you want a proof from the sender that it was actually sent at 4pm from HSBC, Nikolay, at both occasions ignored my comments/questions and gave me a generic response that didn’t mean anything.

All bank transfers in this time and age are being carried out instantly between banks. With Tide not being a bank, I am absolutely fine with a delay of 30 minutes to an hour but longer delays are not good for my business so I’ll have to start looking into moving away from Tide.


Hi Muhammad! Thank you so much for your message :slight_smile:

Our mission is to support small businesses and help people like you achieve their business ambitions, so we provide assistance wherever possible!

Faster Payments are currently processed every 30 minutes and are cleared up to every 2 and a half hours.
We understand that sometimes payments can just take a little longer due to different factors.

In a case where the customer has sent the payment later than indicated or if the sender bank is taking longer to perform checks on certain transactions can all result in a delay and that’s why we sometimes ask our members to contact their customer about this and check with their bank, as well as to provide payment confirmation where needed.

The payment confirmation is key to tracing any missing funds as it contains valuable data such as the date the payment was made (confirming it was made in the first place), the value of a payment, account details of the sender and the unique payment reference of the payment.

We’re really looking forward to making all Tide payments instant in the near future as we understand how valuable time is for our members and we would certainly like to provide them with the best intuitive mobile-first journey possible.

Should you have any further questions/feedback, please do not hesitate to reach out to us through the in-app chat or - feel free to mention my name. I’m always glad to help! :sun_with_face: