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It’s now been 4 days since money sent by a client should have been received in my account (due in on Friday), yet nothing has still appeared? I contacted your in-app support yesterday to be dealt with by someone called Teodor (after sending 5 different message threads), firstly I was told it would be passed to the relevant team, then I was asked to apply to increase the limit on inbound and outbound transactions, then nothing?! Somehow I managed to get through to your customer helpline (19 calls later, however it is quite frustrating to be cut off if there is no one to answer and told to send a message through the app - not what you would expect for a TIDE PLUS account holder) to a lady called Viktoria, who told me she would investigate and come back to me and if I needed a response to drop her an email which I did, however no response came back.

These transactions are all certified by Amazon UK, with tracking ID’s attached to every single one to prove their validity and point of origin. I have other accounts that Amazon pay into without any issues, so how can there be an issues with yours? Especially from the biggest retailer in the world?

3 transactions should of been in my account as of close of play yesterday, totalling £116,885.89. This is not a small amount, and it’s not only stressful enough to try and understanding where this amount is, but also stressful to the fact that I now worry where any additional transactions will go to? I have 3 more due in the next 48hrs totalling another £26,831.50 - should I even be sending them to your account?!

@Obi_at_Tide @Valentine_at_Tide - can both of you look into this as a matter of urgency? I have payments to make to clients which were due on Monday which I have failed to make, and not only that, payments to my staff and other personal bills which effect their livelihood… I cannot wait for whatever this process you have in place for moderating payments (no other bank moderates incoming transactions that I am aware of and I have a business count with Natwest that has no issues), and need the full amount unlocking today as it should of been in the first place.

I understand times are testing at the moment and the challenges you have dealing with BBL for other customers who need there finance as much as I do, however if this process isn’t rectified today, I will escalate further through the FO who am sure can support. My account is still way under the limits set for inbound and outbound transactions, and I supplied details of all incoming transactions from Amazon UK as I was asked to to during my application to increase my limits (something I don’t need to do but was told by Teodor to complete!?!?)

My contact number is in my account details, so I await a call.

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Thank you for reaching out about this @SoluM

I completely understand that these are large sums, we’ll do what we can to assist in this. I can see that one of our Member Support team agents has already picked this up and escalated it with the highest priority. I’ll check in with them to see if there’s anything we can assist with.

Once we have an update, my colleague will let you know in the app right away.


I Have the same issue here, I was expecting a payment last but nothing came through despite having evidence from that client that they’ve processed the payment. I’ve sent a message in the app (almost 1 week ago now) but didn’t get any reply. Maybe I need to send 4 other thread messages like SoluM to be able to get an answer on what’s happening!

Please can you let me know how else I can get in touch with a Tide Support Team member?

Hi @Obi_at_Tide, thanks for your reply.

I’m still unsure as to why this has even happened in the first place? Other banks who place a temporary hold on funds do so for 2hrs maximum, and even then a phone call gets these funds unlocked and straight into your account?

I have one other account with you which also has similar volumes passing in and out regularly - should I now be worried about the process that will happen with this account too? Is this a regular procedure for Tide and its PLUS customers to hold funds indefinitely, or even worse have no real idea as to where to locate them despite giving you tracking ID’s for all of my transactions directly from Amazon, including exact amounts and transaction dates?

I have been helped by one of your team, David Todorov, who has been as helpful as he can be, but we really aren’t getting anywhere fast and I’m not sure whether the team around him are being particularly helpful? This situation started at 6.30am this morning, on the back of numerous calls yesterday (no further word from Viktoria by the way who assured me she would contact me…) and we are almost at the end of another business day (number 3 now since my funds should have been available). I’m about to default on a deposit for a vehicle purchase I made on the back of these funds being transferred, assuming they would be available to me like every other business I bank with. Are Tide prepared to stand the cost of this deposit? I’m sure if there were issues with being overdrawn or have direct debits return you would be quick to charge me.

I would like a call today to solve this mess, which firmly sits with your business.


I completely understand @SoluM the team will need time to look into this for you.

I’m not fully familiar with the situation, so I can’t advise you with any reasonable degree of accuracy here. My colleague David will give you a more definitive update as soon as he possibly can, bearing in mind that there isn’t a direct line for the finance team who can look into any matters involving payments.

The information you’ve provided will certainly help speed up their work, and we will chase this up with them for progress as well.


Hi @Obi_at_Tide.

Thanks for your response.

I have sent David another message at 3pm asking for an update and he has just replied stating it is still being investigated with your banking team?

A normal high street bank would have this sorted in a matter of hours, so I still don’t understand your process here and why it will take time to look into? I have given you every bit of information you could possibly need? I have spoken with Amazon UK who have confirmed that payment has been made to Tide, hence the transaction ID’s generated with each sale. Every other payment from Amazon into any other bank account has gone through without a hitch, so why not this one?

Why isn’t there a direct line to your finance team if these are the people that hold the most information? Why can’t a member of your team arrange them to just contact a customer directly to solve the issues?

Still no closer to getting any resolution on this.


Apologies for not responding earlier! I’ll look into your messages and investigate, I’ll get back to you in the app with more details as soon as I can.


Again, this is somewhat outside of my expertise, but I will look into it and reach out to the team for an update. I completely understand that this is a frustrating situation, but we’ll do everything we can to resolve it for you soon.


Hi @Obi_at_Tide, I appreciate this may not be your area, so who does look after this?

I have had no response from @Valentine_at_Tide - perhaps as Head of Community she has the ability to escalate this to the right person and prompt a quicker reply? I’ve spoke to Amazon UK again and have confirmed that these payments are with your bank, and they are also unsure as to why they are not in my account!