Inbound payment not received


My client (who has made multiple payments before) sent me a ‘same day’ payment with the correct sort code and account details on November 5th. So far the funds have not appeared in my account and the sender has not had any messages to say the payment failed. I have tried to get clarification of this using the online chat via the app, but the question of ‘where’s the money’ has not received any meaningful answer.

How can we get this resolved quickly. My client is also concerned and chasing information.


Finally some response … it transpires that my client’s bank had held the payment for security reasons. Hopefully no further action required.


Hello there,

Thank you for getting in touch.

We appreciate that blocked payments can be frustrating. We just want to assure you that we have stringent measures in place for the safety of our members, to help protect you from fraud. This payment just needed approval from our finance partner, and it was escalated for you by our compliance team. We’ll provide an update to you as soon as possible.If anything else comes up, feel free to contact us via or via the in app chat.