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I’ve tried to reach someone on the support section on the app with no luck. I have a pressing situation on my account that needs immediate attention. I attempted to make 4 transfers totalling 16500GBP as part of an investment for my company via my Tide account.

The Investment is in digital currency which is currently working as a good hedge against the potential destabilisation of the dollar due to recent events.

However, the currency vendor has failed to process the transactions as they do not process company payments only personal account payments made with a personal account name and not a business.

I didn’t realise this at the time, assuming that it didn’t matter whether the account was personal or business as long as my name was also registered to it.

However the vendors compliance procedures prevented them from accepting a business account payment and the transaction therefore did not complete.

The vendor explained the situation to me and told me that they are issuing a refund but that refund must come back to the source account.

The problem is that Tide have since sent me messages in my inapp message area telling me that they have placed a temporary pause on my inbound and outbound transfers.

Because of this the vendor is unable to return the payment back to me and this has put me at a great deal of inconvenience.

I’ve tried contacting Tide numerous times via the inapp contact page and have only been offered vague responses with no determinable time-frame on a resolution to the matter.

I’ve offered to provide every detail necessary in an attempt to solve this matter quickly so that the refund can be made and even though it was said many days ago that Tide would email me regarding some details they may need, I’ve not had any email or message detailing the specifics as to why this arbitrary hold is currently in place.

The vendor has already tried to issue the refund but again the account is not allowing for that to occur.

I don’t mind if further checks are made, on the contrary that is perfectly reasonable especially given the amounts transferred and perhaps the requirement of the bank to know more details. All of which I’ve been eager to provide if only someone would take the steps to make even the most basic of enquiries rather than simply placing a detrimental hold on the account.

If for example it’s something like, perhaps Tide doesn’t like the nature of the transaction, that’s also fine, as long as that is communicated to me in some way shape or form.
Tides banking partner is Clearbank and Clearbank is a market leader in processing payments specifically for digital currency vendors so I’m at a loss as to what the issue could be.

Furthermore I’ve had no email enquiry, no message asking anything, just radio silence and crickets.

What’s particularly problematic is that by blocking inbound transfers that prevent a refund you have placed me at risk of losing my funds.

Which means 16500 GBP is simply left in limbo at a crucial time when the money is required.

I have been a fan of Tide thinking they are an efficient and lightweight alternative to the dominant high street banks. Please ensure this matter is resolved without any further delay.

Also please do attempt to refrain from replying to this message with the usual cookie cutter response that “someone is looking into the matter and will be in contact” . This does appear to be a very common default answer given at Tide and it is not satisfactory .

Please give me actual details that are meaningful such as what the nature of the issue is and who is actually working on the problem and a real time-frame. Remember that your customers are real people not just words on a screen. Please be more considerate and offer answers that demonstrate that you actually do respect the custom we provide.

Thank you and looking forward to your response.


Hello @HK414

Thank you for contacting us about this and sorry for the inconveniences you have encountered.

I completely understand how alarming pauses like this can be. Every time we place a temporary pause on a member’s account, it’s always to ensure that they are safe and that we are compliant with all of the regulations we ourselves must adhere to.

We can assure you that this has been escalated with the utmost priority and our dedicated team is doing their best to provide you with an update as soon as possible.

In addition to this, our member support team will give you a call soon to provide you with details regarding the escalation and keep in touch with you on a daily basis.


So, I’d like the forum to know that Borislav only got back to me after I had to take extraordinary measures in contacting the head of the moderators on this platform. This was done by approaching her on LinkedIn under the threat (still active) of contacting Dr Oliver Prill, CEO, in order to detail the chaotic processes currently demonstrated at Tide.

Interestingly after 10 days of radio silence, once I took measures to get through to the head of community on an entirely different platform (LinkedIn), I got a call the very next day from Borislav who was thoroughly apologetic and promised another call back within the hour to update me on what is actually going on.

Once again, in typical Tide fashion, that callback did not materialise. It’s strange behaviour that is increasingly difficult to understand. I mean why even call, apologise and make promises only to break them so quickly. Why even reply on the forum like this if you were not prepared to follow through?

It appears to me that Tide has such a low opinion of it’s customers that they are somehow comfortable in almost making them plead and beg to be heard and their standards are so low, in terms of customer service, that they deem any contact to be a form of providing service rather than solving an issue properly.

How is this type of behaviour acceptable, especially during a pandemic where businesses need every bit of assistance in order to ensure smooth functioning?

What is required here, and no doubt the many customers who are facing similar issues with Tide, is action and swift resolutions not empty promises that only seek to antagonise further.

I will update this thread as the situation progresses.