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So - I wonder (hope Not otherwise I am screwed) if this is tides way of notifying us of our status.

I’ve no idea why I would be declined - all KYC checks go through when you open an account.

There was an app update yesterday however nothing seemed to change on mine.

Surely tide would actually notify us and at least give us some info as to why, maybe address status or something

Surely I cant be one of the only people in the UK who started a company last year and ends up not being entitled to anything any help other than universal credit.

I really don’t want things to get worse then they already are I’m on my arse

I have the same, but I don’t think it’s related to the BBL but other credit facilities they may offer. I think we would have received an email / in app message telling us we are not eligible.

Gary I really hope so mate.

Clutching at straws - trying my absolute damdest to remain positive but absolutely shitting myself. It was blank before which is why I panicked - given all other banks have pretty much shafted us, government haven’t helped us, this is as close to my last resort otherwise I really no idea what I’m going to do, even sold my car on the knowledge I’ll get it back once I get sorted.

come on Cam - get the facts from Tide before crapping yourself - it may be something it may be nothing. Send a message to Valentine, and try contacting support.

Get the facts before worrying yourself to death.

Cam I’m the same mate. Started the business august last year and In jan this year I expanded because business was booming. Then C19 comes along and shuts me down. I’ve got till next Wednesday to pay my creditors for equipment I have bought. They have waited long enough so I can’t blame them for wanting their money.

when you’re in the app - hit the accounts tab (far left) … do you get a message appear very quickly, which says, you’re on the list

you have to be quick as the message comes up for less than a second

I can’t see how we wouldn’t be eligible.

I mean my credit rating is pretty poor because I had a business of 3 years fold at the end of 2018 - had secured stock outside of the Ltd as a personal guarantee and of course had to spend the beginning of last year paying back what was up against my name, threatened with court action but never got to CCJ stage and had to work my bollocks off to get it squared up.

Then launched a new venture in July / august last year under self employed

But none of this should effect our eligibility of a bbl

What a god damn struggle the last few years have been.

I’m reassured I’m not the only one seeing these messages.

Just updated the app mate and still get the same message & nothing when I hit accounts.