I'm done. Closing my account


While I like the idea of Tide the lack of a basic CSV export so I can use Freeagent is making my accounts a real mess so I’ve decided to take my business elsewhere.

Once I’ve opened my new bank account how do I go about closing my Tide account?


Hi Mat,

Thanks for taking the time to post on the community.

You are able to export your transactions as a CSV file, you can find a step-by-step guide on how to do so here. Please let me know if you are experiencing trouble with this of if you were enquiring about another type of export, I would be happy to help.



I know you can export a CSV file but the file you export doesn’t natively import into Freeagent without hacking about of the columns and formats. Also, if you don’t have Excel (like me) to edit the various columns and formats you then get duplicate entries in Freeagent which takes even more time to filter out.

In short the current CSV format is next to useless.

Going through the posts in the forum Tide has stated on a few occasions that Freeagent integration was on the 2017 roadmap. For whatever reason this didn’t happen but to be honest I cannot afford to wait any longer for a feature which may or may not appear in 2018 which is why I’d like to close my account and take my business elsewhere.

So back to my original question how do you go about closing your account?


Hi Mat,

Thanks for the precisions. I completely understand your frustrations. We are indeed looking to integrate with FreeAgent and are waiting for them to slot us in but I appreciate that you can’t wait longer.

If you wish to close you account, you can request so through the in-app chat, our Help team would be happy to further assist you.

I am sorry if Tide is not the right solution for your business at this stage of our journey and we hope to welcome you back in the future. If you have any other questions or if there is anything else I can do to help, please don’t hesitate to get back in touch.

I wish you the greatest of success for your organisation.


Well surely it would be easy to get excellent like the rest of the world, problem sorted!


Matt, if I were paying that monthly subscription to Freeagent, my gripe would be with them. How come for that subscription they haven’t developed a ‘Tide’ import template? Seems to me it wouldn’t take long for one of their developers to create a mapping template < 4 hours including testing.

If you don’t have excel why not check out the FREE and OPEN SOURCE libreoffice ‘Calc’ - https://www.libreoffice.org/, just like excel, you can export as one of numerous formats too.

With a macro you could automate the entire process as an end user to create the correct column mappings and save / export the final csv file. As for formats, CSV doesn’t contain format information, it simply contains a row of data, each item separated by a delimiter (usually a comma), you can also encapsulate text strings in another delimited string (usually quotes “”).

It’s a shame that you’re focusing on Tide as being the problem and to me it would seem equally to be an issue that Freeagent should be addressing for their minimum £19 pm.

Could you name another bank (the one you’d move to) that exports the CSV in a format that Freeagent would import natively without any work at all?

As a comparison on price, I pay my accountant only slightly more for my limited company accounts, including submission to CH and HMRC, than Freeagent charge for a limited company subscription. I’d actually consider dumping Freeagent.


In the past I’ve used Santander and Lloyds for business banking both of which offered two options for downloading bank statements; either as a full PDF or as a basic CSV file showing the dates, description and amount. Both of the banks CSV files imported effortlessly into Freeagent.

For the extra £5 a month in bank fees I’ll be paying I’ll be spending an hour less of my time rehashing spreadsheets and deleting duplicates from Freeagent. Money well spent in my opinion.

Yes I could spend time moaning at Freeagent asking for features but I don’t see why I should when I could just as easily take my banking business elsewhere. Like the energy industry banking is now a commodity, its easy to switch if you’re not happy with the service which is what I’m doing.


HI have the same problems ,cant even get in my account after trying a zillion time
very frustrated.


Hi @wblake2007, could you clarify whether you’re unable to access your app? We’d be more than happy to help you here. Do get in touch with us via hello@tide.co and someone from the Help team can look into this for you immediately.


@mat_walker not sure if you saw my post elsewhere on the forum, but I wrote a Workflow for iOS that takes the Tide export and converts to a FreeAgent compatible CSV in a couple of taps.

You can find it at https://workflow.is/workflows/2007594ce24f4d138ed9f6165aed8254.

I can provide more info if needed


I have put together a web service https://tidetofreeagent.herokuapp.com that handles all the column renaming etc for you, if you are still in need of a (hopefully temporary) solution.


That looks just the ticket :slight_smile: . Tried to use and but it came up with a ‘Bad HTTP Request’ error though?


Sorry, I put a note in a different thread.

There’s an issue in Safari not recognising the file upload at the minute, I’m going to fix it once I have some time spare. For now, Chrome, Firefox, Opera all work fine.

EDIT: Safari issue now fixed


Hi all,

I am happy to let you know that we’ve just released our integration with FreeAgent.

You can find out more here. You can also find a list of FAQs about this here.

Let me know if you have any questions, I’d be happy to help :slight_smile: