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I’m trying to apply for an account but cannot scan my ID no matter what orientation or background I choose; hence cannot complete my application . Any support appreciated. Thank you!

I am having issues too and there are two other threads about the same problem. No support response to any of them yet…

Having same problem scanning passport on IOS. Rebooted the phone, added lighting tried a different object to see if it was a focus issue but nothing works. I even have the phone in a tripod to ensure the image is still. Nothing works! There is no photo/scan button so I assume it works automatically?

Hi there!

Thanks for chasing up, please try to keep it to one thread, we’ll address them all as we’re able!

I would recommend that you try the scan with a driving licence in stead and let me know if you’re still encountering any issues.


21 days later

This is still an ongoing issue in my personal endeavours to open account.

Hi there @Denacheam

I’ve just sent you a message with some additional details, please have a look when you can!

I hope the teams will be able to assist you further.


23 days later

I’m having the same issues.
The Tide app is not capturing picture of my ID. I have tried several times following the instructions but it’s still not working. Can anyone please help me.


Hi there @sgd53

I’ve just sent you a message with some additional details, I hope they’ll be helpful!