IBAN/Swift BIC needed


I need an IBAN/Swift BIC for my business account to receive money - can I get some help, please?



No one around im in need of help also and im not an app user as yet not a good start for my new business


Hi there @rahel.bailie

Right now, Tide accounts do not have associated IBAN/SWIFT details for international transfers. Payment sent to you account number and sort code will go through without issue, though, bearing in mind the account balance limits. Those you can always check in the app itself.

Hi there @Adriansweeny2020 I would recommend that you send an email to hello@tide.co, so that the Member Support team can assist you with whatever you need.




I also need a BIC to receive payment and can not wait for this as this is a large order. Can you assist me please.




I also need the Iban. Can you assist me? Maybe I do not understand how Tide works.