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Exactly this.


Hello @Valentine_at_Tide – and all awaiting IBAN.

I’ve sadly had to do the one thing I had vowed not to do ever again – I’m having to get a bank account with a large high street bank so I can simply get IBAN account details.

@Tide have put me on a waiting list, told me the SIC Codes assigned to my limited company meant I would not be put on to the IBAN programme, I’ve subsequently changed those SIC codes and now I’m no longer on the IBAN list!

I’m now having to setup a bank account with Barclays Bank, as they work with Xero and have IBAN.

I’m a small operation, who loves tech, who has one particular client (a large tech client), that will only pay sterling into a UK account with IBAN. So far, it has taken me time effort (and now lots of paperwork to set up my new Barclays account).

I’ll now have one Tide account, one Barclays account – extra headache for accounting and my largest client wondering what on earth is going on, and why we can’t do something as simple as take a payment!

You are doing many good things @tide, but this is not one of them!


@Valentine_at_Tide Could you also add me to IBAN waiting list


Hi @baz.bare,

Thanks for sharing your feedback with us. I believe the team has been in touch since then and that they’re looking into it :wink:
Don’t hesitate to get back to them if you have any other questions.

@pelby I’m happy to let you know that I have added you to the waiting list.



Hi @Valentine_at_Tide could you also add me to the IBAN waiting list ?


Hi @hkd,

I’ve just added you to the waitlist :slight_smile:



Hi Valentine,
Many thanks for the awesome work you’re doing here helping people.
Could you also put me on the waiting list please?
Much appreciated.


Hi we are really hoping to be added to the list for IBAN we are a limited company




Hi, can you please add me to the IBAN waiting list as well? Thanks!


Hi @swagwear and @carseatjungle,

I have added you to the waitlist :slight_smile:



Hi @fahim110,

Thanks for your feedback :smiley:

I’ve just sent you a DM to confirm some info.



Thank you!


Hi Valentine,

Can we be added to the waitlist as well please?



Hi @swallowtailpromo,

I have added you to the waitlist :slight_smile:



Hi Tide, IBAN is a must-have for me – I’ve only just found out it’s not supported. Any news on when it’ll be available? Or I’ll have to look elsewhere, and I’d really rather not. I like you guys.


Hey @VickyMoxie!

Our IBAN and International Currency Accounts feature is being rolled to members with limited business accounts, if you reach out to our Member Support team in the app, they’ll be able to add you to the waitlist.

You should then hear more about how to access the feature in the coming weeks - trust us, it’s worth the wait!



This seems like an old thread from jan 2017, messaging in Feb 2019.

Does TIDE now allow IBAN? If so how do I gain access to this?



Hi @rk2015,

IBAN & International Currency Accounts are currently being rolled out for limited business accounts.

I’m happy to let you know that I have added you to the waitlist :slight_smile:
Our team should be in touch shortly.



Hi Valentine,

Could you also please add me to the waitlist and is there an idea on when the IBAN feature will be available? I just found out that I don’t have one and I am now unable to invoice any of my clients.

Thank you!


Hi @tazmac

I’ve just added you to the waitlist - the team should be in touch soon :wink:

Thanks, Valentine