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@Valentine_at_Tide @Katie_at_Tide - Can I also be added to the list please? Thanks!


No problem @Createdbyconnor, I’ve added you to the list :heavy_check_mark::heavy_check_mark:


Can You also add me to the list? Thanks! :wink:


Hi @uniqsurface,

No problem, I’ve just sent you an private message to confirm your details.



Hi Valentine

I am looking to open a business account for my newly formed UK ltd company.

Payments into the account will be coming from EU based entities whom will require IBAN and Swift codes.

Are you guys close to implementing this? I see you have a waiting list, can you give me an idea of how Long the list is or what the delay would be before this function can be added? My first payment will be due on 5th Feb so I have some time but not a lot.

I look forward to your reply and hopefully opening an account with you .


Hey @Valentine_at_Tide @Katie_at_Tide can I get in on the sweet sweet list action please? :innocent:


Hi @Monkeyboy57,

Thank you for your message.

We’re currently rolling out IBAN & International Currency Accounts for limited business accounts. We’d be happy to talk about your specific needs for IBAN / Swift codes and give you more info about the waitlist timeline in-app.

I believe you’re already in touch with our team there, but please don’t hesitate to get back in touch with them to discuss the above, they’d be happy to assist you with this :slight_smile:



Hi @johnny_hotsauce,

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Can I get added to the list please? Thanks


IBAN… the only payment method for many internationals, PLEASE add me to the list, I don’t want to have to go to another bank who can provide this basic banking stuff.


Hi @SimonWright,

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Hi @ScotSlim,

Could you please send me a direct message to confirm your business name so I can add you to the waitlist?



Could I be added to the waitlist please also.


Happy to confirm you’ve been added to the waitlist @NewMotion :slight_smile:


Could you please add me also. As we need to be able to receive international payments asap.

Kind regards, Mark


Hi I would like to be added to the waitlist.

Can you also let me know how long it will take to get an IBAN - if it’s quick then I can wait, however it does seem you’ve had the waitlist for a year now and I can’t wait indefinitely.


add me to the waitlist pls @Valentine_at_Tide


Hi @HQI, @bizpay and @deepakshukla,

Happy to let you know that I have added you to the waitlist - the team should be in touch soon :slight_smile:



Hi @Valentine_at_Tide - could I be added to the IBAN test list please? I’ve tried to DM you my company name but I wasn’t permitted (it is 3CAL Group).


  • Aaron.


Hi @Aaron,

I’ve just added you to the waitlist :slight_smile: