IBAN Support


Hi @Valentine_at_Tide

Can you please advise when I will be able to get IBAN as this is critical for my business and I have clients waiting to pay me?

I have signed up to the beta program via IBANs are in Preview - here's how you can apply for yours

But i need this really urgently as payments cannot be made to me?

Kind Regards


Hi @mahmed,

I can confirm you’re on the waitlist and the team should be in touch soon :slight_smile:

Let me know if you have any questions in the meantime - I’d be happy to help.



Can we be added to the test batch? We’ve been involved in the beta for a while and Iwoca integration too.


Anyone tried this? - https://www.iban.com/calculate-iban

When I put my standard Tide account details in it creates an a real IBAN. Have contacted Tide support to see what happens if someone sends a payment to the number generated.


Hi both,

@zigguratxyz I’m happy to confirm you’ve been added to the list :slight_smile:

@neilwjsimpson I’m afraid that IBAN won’t work. However I’d be happy to add you to our beta waitlist if you would like to join the programme?



Hi Valentine, I’ve submitted my request via the Google Forms link - could you please add me for this functionality? We need an IBAN to receive international payments and also to register for Worldpay.
Thanks, Richard


Hi @Inspire-alpine,

I’m happy to let you know that you’ve been added to the list. Our team should be in touch soon :slight_smile:



Today “IBAN & International Currency Accounts” was finally moved to “Live” on the Tide Feature Roadmap on Trello.

But there isn’t an update to the app available and I’m not seeing any IBAN or international currency features in the app.

What’s the status here?


Hello @Valentine_at_Tide – I can almost smell the IBAN in the air!

All I want for Christmas this year is a business account with IBAN.

Please say it is so?!!


Hi both,

Thanks for your questions!

@imperator, I’m sorry if our Feature Roadmap update on Trello was confusing. We’ve updated it to make sure it’s clearer.
IBAN & International Currency Accounts are currently being rolled out for limited business accounts. If you have a limited business account and would like to join the waitlist, just let me know.

@baz.bare, I can confirm you’re on the waitlist :slight_smile:
I’ll make sure the team gets back to you shortly with an update.

Let me know if you’ve any other questions, I’d be happy to help.



Can you confirm with me the IBAN and SWIFT codes in private for myself.
I have been on waiting list for over a week now and really require this to be done.
I am currently working with an international client and need to produce an invoice with the above for payment.



Hi @neilbrody1,

The team should be in touch shortly with an update :slight_smile:



How can i also get included n the IBAN list ? I need this in order to receive inerational payments and currently i have to use other platforms.


Hi @resolvebs,

I’m happy to let you know that I have added you to the list! Our team should be in touch with more information in the next few days.



Any chance you could add me to the list :slight_smile: Thanks @Valentine_at_Tide!


I’ve added you to the list @matthewbloch :slight_smile:



We need IBAN support asap. Thanks


Please add me to the list @Valentine_at_Tide


Hi! Any chance I can be added? Thanks


Hey @STStudios, @xzorbixltd and @callumcr! I’ve added all of you to the list :smiley:

Happy holidays :christmas_tree: