IBAN Support


I really need IBAN/BIC (swift) as well. I’ve also registered for the beta test thing but not had any updates or replies yet. I really would like even the most rough of time estimates so I can plan ahead. I need to know whether I should seek an alternative solution, rather than wait for an unknown amount of time.


Hi Ben,

We’re currently testing international payments with members on iOS with a Registered Business account. Android members with a Registered Business account that have signed up to Preview should hear from us in a couple of months.

I hope this helps. Let me know if you’ve any other questions :slight_smile:


Does that mean that I can get an IBAN number now, today? I use iOS.


Thanks for reaching out @peter_g!
We have begun testing international payments and are gradually inviting our members to test the feature, I’ve sent you a message in the app about joining the Tide preview waitlist :slight_smile:


When will you start testing on Android?

As a user and as a developer, it always disappoints me when one major platform is left so far behind another instead of working on both simultaneously…


Hi Katie is it possible for you to add me in a waitlist please? I really need a EUR account with IBAN asap.


We anticipate members on Android devices with a Registered Business account who’ve joined the waitlist will start hearing from from us in the coming weeks @imperator, as with iOS these invitations will be gradual.

We also have plans to introduce international payments for Sole Trader accounts but have not yet announced a timetable for doing so.


Of course @50special! I’ll get you added to the list :slight_smile:


Hi, I definitely need this. I am already on the Beta test programme. Please could I be added to then IBAN list of approved testers?


Hi @danleighton,

Thanks for registering your interest.

I’ve added you to the waitlist - you should hear from the team soon :slight_smile:



Question: why would being a Sole Trader versus a Registered Business have anything to do with international payments…? Seems weird, and rather disappointing…

Incidentally, for anyone who needs this now, and not at some vauge vanishing point in the future, I can highly recommend Starling – as a further huge plus, they don’t have any transaction fees (or any other fees).
I anticipate Tide’s multi-currency accounts to be a very attractive feature when (if?) they finally launch, but for those of us who have businesses to run in the meantime, Starling makes a great stopgap!


Could someone also add me to the iOS Registered Business account beta please? I need IBAN to conclude some contracts with overseas suppliers.


Can I get added to the BETA please, I have IOS and a registered Business account


Hi @Jobbers and @Cadellin,

Could you please register your interest here ? The team will then be in touch shortly :slight_smile:


Is there an estimated ‘go live’ for IBAN? Are you looking in terms of days, weeks, months?
Will help greatly with forward planning to have at least your best estimate.


For all Android users (and in the spirit of community), I’d like to share that I also just moved from Tide to Starling and the process has been pretty seamless. I got IBAN / BIC numbers virtually immediately. They also support Android Pay.

Thanks to those who suggested Starling above. I can now finally stop following this thread too!



Hi @GrocerGlobal,

I understand this feature is critical to you and your business. I’m afraid I can’t confirm a timeline but rest assured that the team is working hard to introduce IBAN / international currency accounts soon.

If you’ve a Registered Business account and would like to test the feature before it goes live, you can registered your interest here.

Let me know if you have any questions.



August now and still no news on IBAN?


Hi @mamezito,

A member of our Member Support team has reached out to you via the in-app chat to give you more details about joining our waitlist to test International Payments.

Don’t hesitate to get back to them if you have any questions.



Desperate here! I’ve got a shop on TicTail and they will only pay out via a UK IBAN number. Following suggestions from other users on this forum I signed up for a Transferwise account to get an IBAN number, but it’s a German IBAN (code starts with “DE”) which TicTail will not accept (only accepts UK IBANs beginning with “GB”).
Can anyone suggest how to get around this? I’m not making enough from shop sales yet to justify paying a monthly subscription to an account like Fire.