IBAN Support


Hi @Valentine_at_Tide , I would like to know my IBAN and SWIFT code



Hello Kurran, could you please send us a message through the in-app chat and we will gladly assist you furhter with this? Thank you!


Hi, I need my IBAN Number for my account ASAP!


Hi @Alfie,

Thank you for your comment. Please note that we do not provide international accounts currently, but the Team is registering interest. Please sent them an in-app message, so they can advise you and assist further.

Thank you in advance and stay healthy!


Can have my Iban number plz


Hi @Gurwara,

We are not currently offering International Currency accounts (ICA’s) or transfers to members.

We are working on an ICA for our members that will be able to meet all your international needs. In the meantime, you will need to use a third party to make or receive any international transfers.


Hi, ive just joined Tide and been reading some of the dated posts about IBAN. Can anyone tell me if its available for ltd companies yet?


Hi there @ricardolmr

Thank you for reaching out - yes, a lot of these topics are a bit out of date at this point.

Right now we are not offering IBAN or BIC/SWIFT details and don’t directly support international transfers. It’s absolutely something we want to change in the long term, but for now, payments like these would have to be made through a service like Transferwise.



I need IBAN and BIC for my business. Can you set me up immediately with this? Thank you


Hi there @offgrid

We don’t currently provide IBAN and BIC details for Tide accounts, unfortunately. It’s definitely something we have as a goal in the long-term, but for now we can only support domestic transfers directly.