IBAN Support


Hi, I also require an IBAN and BIC code to receive international payments. When will this be available?


Hi @Stavroula,

I have asked the team to get in touch with you directly via the in-app chat to give you an update - they should be in touch shortly.



Hi - are there plans to support USD for foreign currency accounts?


Hi @Dais33, thanks for getting in touch. I’m afraid that we are not currently looking to support USD, but we hope to broaden the scope of our IBAN currency in the future.
Thanks, Ali


As a new customer about to raise my first invoice, the invoice functionality is really disappointing. Then I discover there is no IBAN capability, which is another disappointment as some clients require one to make payment. Overall I am really disappointed with the initial capability of this service. It falls far short of the marketing.



Hi Mark, sorry to hear that you’ve been disappointed with our invoicing feature. I’ve passed your feedback on to our product team.

In regards to IBAN, our ICA team have approved you as eligible to apply for this feature. Please start your application through the Tide app, selecting ‘More’ > ‘International Currency Accounts’, and our team will guide you through the process.

Thanks, Ali


so i’m in a bit of a situation… i really really want to like Tide & all it stands for… but i’ve just been informed by support that my “application” for an IBAN number for my account could take up to 8 weeks!!! if i’m eligible? i dont want a multi currency account, all i want is an IBAN for my GBP account… what would the eligibility criteria for this be? i have an account with yourselves already?! & why on earth would it take 8 weeks to determine this!!!

My client is an international company, who are paying me via a UK bank account, but they require IBAN & SWIFT as part of their Accounts payable process…, its pretty basic banking requirements for business…

so i realistically cant use my Tide account until this is sorted out… considering ditching the whole thing & using Revolut


Hi has this now been introduced as I have a client I need to invoice in USD?


Hi @Andrew1, apologies for the delay in getting back to you on this thread. I can see that you’ve spoken with our Member Support team regarding this and it looks to be resolved. Just to let you know that the team are still processing your IBAN request, so that you can apply in future should you need to access this feature.
As a banking platform, we work with a third party to arrange IBAN applications. This provider is different from our standard GPB domestic account, which is why it can take a few weeks to set up. Our ICA team are constantly working to reduce this timeframe. If you have any future queries about this feature please don’t hesitate to reach out via the app - our Member Support team will be happy to help.

@Pk8051 thanks for reaching out. You’ve been added to the waitlist and a member of our ICA team will be in touch directly.
Thanks, Ali



We just have been started to trade in the UK having services in the cloud as products. We asked you about IBAN but were referred to ICA-something? ICA?? - We turn over over 100k in the UK now first year and our mother company (in Sweden Stockholm) has been operating over 19 years and has has the highest credit score. - I really don’t see the reason we should not get IBAN approved for some reason.


Im a big fan of Tide, but Transferwise is ideal for this.

Transferwise Borderless is amazing if you need multiple currencies or you need to use IBAN for iTunes.
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Low-cost international money transfer.
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