IBAN Support


@jack_tombolare what platform would you move to if this wasn’t to happen? as I need an IBAN in the next two weeks really… and interested to hear If there is anywhere else that can offer this


Hi Nick,

I’ve already sent a support request via in-app chat, with no answer.

I have an onboarded client who needs an IBAN to send international payments to my limited.

Could you add me on the waitlist, and let me know when it will be processed.

Similarly to @brady92, If you can’t provide IBAN within the next 1 on 2 weeks, I’m afraid i’ll have to move away from Tide and find another business bank that supports IBAN/BIC

Thank you,


Hi there @Laurent-godet,

Apologies for the lack of communication you are facing with our Member Support. We are always looking to upscale our number of Support Agents to meet the increasing demand of our member base to provide you with an quick and effective solution.

I can see my colleague Nick from Member Support has been in touch with you regarding your IBAN request. Unfortunately we cannot guarantee a timescale with IBAN as many members are in the waiting list already, but one of my colleagues will be in touch as soon as possible about the next steps of the process.

Many thanks


Hi Tide
Can you clarify exactly where you are with IBANs?

I opened an account with you in Oct 2017 and have never used it because you couldn’t give an IBAN number. I had, not unreasonably, assumed a business account provider would offer this facility by default. But Tide was a complete disappointment.

I kept the account open as you said you were implementing IBANs ‘soon’.

That’s nearly 2 years ago. And there is still no IBAN - a fundamental and basic need.
So please clarify where you are and what your timetable is.

My business is not a limited one, which the discussion above implies is needed merely for your ‘waitlist’ (not even a definite for those businesses then?)

So when can we all expect IBANs?

I’ve waited long enough I think.


I too need to know when IBAN will be available. When I signed up with Tide I expected this functionality to be standard. As a UK subsidiary of a Dutch company it’s causing us big issues not having this. I have sent 2 requests for an update via the support chat in my app but had no response.


Hi @Jon_B,

Thanks for your interest in our IBAN feature.

I am afraid that, as our Product Roadmap states, IBAN & International Currency Accounts for Sole Traders is currently projected for long term release.

However, like any tech company, things get moved around. We sometimes get through a feature quicker than planned, or encounter an unexpected delay. Therefore I’m afraid I can’t give you more information in regards to the timeframe.

I completely understand that this feature is critical to you so I am really sorry that I can’t give you a more precise timeline. Let me know if you have any other questions, I’d be happy to help.



Hi @ElliotD,

I am sorry that you experienced delays in hearing back from our Member support team. I know they have been in touch since then and have given you an update.

Don’t hesitate to get back in touch with them if you have any other questions.



I really need a IBAN code to continue using tide for my business how can I do this please


Hi @Littlenancys

I can see that an agent from the Member Support team has been in contact with you regarding an IBAN number. I can confirm that you have been added onto the list!

Please feel free to ask our agents any other questions or queries.



I heard good things about Tide and set up an account so I could pay a Kickstarter into it as I needed a business account.

Turns out Kickstarter only transfers using IBAN so now I’m left wondering what I can do.

Not a good start so far if my only option is going to be messing about with Third parties.


Hi @PixelShorts, International currency accounts (ICA’s) are a recent feature here at Tide. We’ve begun releasing our ICAs and IBANs, starting with members with limited companies who are being invited in batches. We have registered your interest in an IBAN and our ICA team will be in touch directly. If you have any further questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to the team via the app.
Thanks, Ali


I’ve just joined and now find there is no IBAN number with my account, didn’t realise this would be the case :persevere: and it’s making me a little uneasy in case I come accross any other issues liek this
This is essential for me. Please can I have an IBAN number, if not I’ll need to look at other options like Starling


Hi Tide, I also require an IBAN number to receive payments from the Netherlands for my limited company. Could you please let me know when I can be added to the ICA? Many thanks, Gregor


Hi, I have just joined tide and first job was to transfer income from amazon, not possible without an IBAN and BIC, can’t believe this isn’t available, this is basic banking. When will this be please, otherwise I’m off. Thanks


Thanks for your interest in our IBAN feature! We’re still in the process of rolling it out gradually to members with limited business accounts.

@Del_trotter, I have just sent you a direct message to confirm your company name so I can look into adding you to the IBAN waitlist.

@Gregor, I can confirm you’re on the waitlist. I have asked our ICA team to contact you directly as soon as they have an update.

@CFB I have just added you to the waitlist, our ICA team will be in touch directly once they have an update but this will take a few weeks I am afraid.

If you have any further questions about this or Tide, please don’t hesitate to reach out to our Member Support team via the app or here - we’re happy to help!


Thank you Tide, I look forward to getting access and using it soon! Like others, I require this to use your service (as I’m paid in Europe :slight_smile:


Hi Tide. I was put on the wait list many months ago and then recieved an email at the start of May saying:

Your free IBANs are just a few clicks away! It takes only minutes to apply, then we’ll have your slick new accounts up and running in just a few days

I then set up the account in the app and it said it would take 5 days. Almost 3 months later I’m still waiting with my international account in a pending state. I understand that things can take longer than expected but the lack of communication is frustrating. Are you able to give an update as to what the actual time scales you are able to deliver on are?



Hi @didroe, thanks for your interest with our IBAN feature! I am sorry that you experienced delays in hearing back from our team about your IBAN setup. I can see that the lead member of the ICA feature has contacted you about this. Please feel free to respond back them, they will be more than happy to assist you further.



Hi there, I urgently need an IBAN and BIC code to receive international payments for my business. Can I please be put on the waiting list or be contacted with more information about this?


Hi @vorteil, thanks for your interest in our IBAN feature.

Unfortunately I cannot find your details with the email address you used on here.

I would recommend getting in touch with our Member Support team about this.

Email them your full name and business name to hello@tide.co and an agent will be more than happy to add you to our IBAN application list.