IBAN Support


@jack_tombolare what platform would you move to if this wasn’t to happen? as I need an IBAN in the next two weeks really… and interested to hear If there is anywhere else that can offer this


Hi Nick,

I’ve already sent a support request via in-app chat, with no answer.

I have an onboarded client who needs an IBAN to send international payments to my limited.

Could you add me on the waitlist, and let me know when it will be processed.

Similarly to @brady92, If you can’t provide IBAN within the next 1 on 2 weeks, I’m afraid i’ll have to move away from Tide and find another business bank that supports IBAN/BIC

Thank you,


Hi there @Laurent-godet,

Apologies for the lack of communication you are facing with our Member Support. We are always looking to upscale our number of Support Agents to meet the increasing demand of our member base to provide you with an quick and effective solution.

I can see my colleague Nick from Member Support has been in touch with you regarding your IBAN request. Unfortunately we cannot guarantee a timescale with IBAN as many members are in the waiting list already, but one of my colleagues will be in touch as soon as possible about the next steps of the process.

Many thanks


Hi Tide
Can you clarify exactly where you are with IBANs?

I opened an account with you in Oct 2017 and have never used it because you couldn’t give an IBAN number. I had, not unreasonably, assumed a business account provider would offer this facility by default. But Tide was a complete disappointment.

I kept the account open as you said you were implementing IBANs ‘soon’.

That’s nearly 2 years ago. And there is still no IBAN - a fundamental and basic need.
So please clarify where you are and what your timetable is.

My business is not a limited one, which the discussion above implies is needed merely for your ‘waitlist’ (not even a definite for those businesses then?)

So when can we all expect IBANs?

I’ve waited long enough I think.