IBAN Support


Should i do this on private message?


Hi Ali

We’re Tiger Furniture Ltd


Is there any approx ETA to get contacted?


Thanks @tonystock, I’ve added you to the waitlist. Our Member Support team will be in touch via Tide’s in-app chat with any updates.
Thanks, Ali


Hi @Ruben, there’s has been a lot of interest in this new feature and the team are working through these requests as quickly as possible. There is no ETA currently, but in the meantime please don’t hesitate to reach out to our Member Support team via the in-app chat for any further assistance.
Thanks, Ali



Hi, thanks for, your response. However, it’s been 23 days now and I’ve heard nothing in relation to this. It’s now become urgent that I have an IBAN in order to receive payments. If not resolved shortly I feel I will have no alternative but to switch accounts. Thank you, Wade.


Hi @wadeball7, thanks for your message - I’m really sorry to hear about your wait time, I’ve chased this with our ICA team and they’ll be in touch directly.
Thanks, Ali


Thank you but I have still had no reply, we are nearing the payday and our bills will be due, Still no IBAN number to receive our much anticipated payment? Any assistance would be great please!!!


Just joined and trying to work as an Amazon affiliate I need an IBAN code for my bank acc. Looking at the thread which has been running for 2 years you dont have a SWIFT connection or even a partnership to get a SWIFT connection - therefore you don’t have an IBAN code.
Do you have a timeline to get a SWIFT connection? you can run through a number of different service bureau for your own connection… Or you can partner with an RBS or similar as a member sponsored connection into the network…


Hi @wadeball7, you have been made eligible for an ICA application and this should be available within the Tide app under ‘more’ > ‘international currency account’. The team know to expect your application :slight_smile:
Thanks, Ali


Can you please add me to the IBAN waiting list? I’m a limited company.



Hi @tomthefishman and @eugaia, thank you for your interest. I have added both of your details to the IBAN waitlist and our ICA team will be in touch directly.

@timhamer, I’ve added you to the waitlist for IBAN. Whilst we don’t have a SWIFT connection, we’ve partnered with Banking Circle to give IBANs and international accounts. If you have any further questions about this, don’t hesitate to reach out via the in-app chat or email hello@tide.co. We’d be happy to help.

Thanks, Ali


Hi, please add me to this list too!




Hi @jamescotton, thank you for your interest! I’ve added you to the waitlist :slight_smile:
Thanks, Ali


Me too please!


Hi @jackso, I’ve added you to the waitlist :slight_smile:

Our Member Support team will be in touch via the in-app chat with any updates.


Hi @geekscruff, you are now on the waitlist :slight_smile:


Hi, my Company needs an IBAN number within the next two months… can you please add me to the list?

Approx how long does it take for it all to be up and running and have IBAN number?



My company needs IBAN ASAP or we cannot proceed with the launch of our business.

Could you add me to the waiting list please or we will be forced to move accounts.



Hi @jack_tombolare and @brady92, thank you both for your messages.

I can confirm that both of you have been placed on our list for IBAN.

If you do have any other questions regarding the process, please message us in app or email us on hello@tide.co and one of colleagues from Member Support can speak in more detail regarding this :grinning: