I need to speak to someone - i cannot access my account!



I changed my phone but kept the same number and cannot access my account. Everything is working fine with my number and phone but I cannot access my app! I have been through several of your service team waiting hours between replies with no update on what is going on. None of their advice has worked and in fact, has actually made the situation worse!

All I want is to speak to someone on the phone and I have requested this several times!!!

My business’s money is in there and I am seriously considering further action if someone cannot resolve this for me without taking 6 hours to reply. This is impacting my business.


I have also had the exact issue. It somewhat misleading that money can be spent on attracting new business customer but it will be all in vain if they can’t retain their existing customers I will keep you updated if they respond.

If not I believe others should be pre-warned



I eventually got through to someone but wasn’t easy. Asked for a phone call several times politely, eventually got frustrated and pretty much demanded someone to speak to through the in-app chat - not the way I like to do things but nothing else was working. They video called me and ended up having to just read me my code because they still weren’t working.

Now a couple of days on, I’m getting a lot of SMS codes being sent to my phone randomly, obviously very delayed ones that aren’t current. An absolute mess.